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Cybersecurity events and conferences are ways for the infosec community to connect and share their knowledge. We’ve provided an extensive calendar of events for US cybersecurity events, and now we are pleased to present the latest and upcoming events in other regions of the world. This time though, we’re taking it international with an Asia cybersecurity events list and shared calendar!

The Asian continent is home to many large and interesting conferences, and being in the know is only the first step to making it there. After searching, we were able to add more than a dozen events geared towards various security professionals. Get the calendar now:

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Don't have time to look at the calendar? Below, we feature the top 5 events you should definitely check out.

1. Cyber Security for Critical Information Infrastructure Asia (Singapore)

April 27-28, 2017
This conference is considered to be the only conference in Asia with a focus on critical infrastructure cyber-protection at a strategic level. For a chance to understand the impact of global interconnectivity and the de-perimeterisation of security: Third-Party Validation and cyber-terrorism, this may be for you.

2. 4th e-Crime & Cybersecurity Singapore (Singapore)

May 4, 2017
With an increase in cyber attacks in Singapore, CIO's concluded that their organizations needed to invest in more IT security talent and training. This conference will cover key subjects for its audience of professionals.

3. DigitalSec2017 (Kowloon, Hong Kong)

July 11-13, 2017
Held over three days, researchers from the international community will deliver keynote speeches and state-of-the-art lectures.Topics to be covered during this conference include: Information content security, network security, and real-time systems just to name a few.

4. 3rd International Conference on cyber Security (Kota, India)

August 12, 2017
A two-day event that brings together security professionals to openly discuss an array of problems taking place in the world of cybersecurity. Topics range from threat analysis to research and operations with an end goal of making the world and cyberspace a more secure one. With each session being distinctly different, you’ll get a chance to hear speakers from government, academia, the private sector and many more backgrounds. Eager to learn more or converse with others who share an interest in cybersecurity? This conference is one you don’t want to miss.

5. Cyber Security Conclave (Telangana, India)

November 22-23, 2017
This cybersecurity conference not only invites you to take part by attending, but also encourages you to embrace your love for cyber security by actually presenting, hosting a workshop session and much more. There is so much to be discovered and talked about, why not participate and share your unique skills? Over a two-day course, Conclave promotes individual and collective action to drive forward the best there is to know in cybersecurity.

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