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Starting a new job at a new company can be daunting, particularly during a global pandemic. With interviews via Zoom, onboarding gone remote, first days at home instead of in a brand new office, and so many other shifts since the onset of the pandemic, switching jobs and companies is probably not something most would even consider. While this may seem to be the case for many, we’ve welcomed many new employees to our team around the globe since March 2020!

Interested in learning why these individuals chose to make a job change during these uncertain times and how Rapid7 made the decision a no-brainer? Read on to find out from a few of our Belfast-based Software Engineers!

Thomas Franklin, Software Engineer II, Joined Rapid7 September 2020
Lauren Quinn, Software Engineer II, Joined Rapid7 November 2020
Danielle Topping, Senior Software Engineer, Joined Rapid7 September 2020
Niall O’Hagan, Lead Software Engineer, Joined Rapid7 January 2021

Q: Where did you hear about Rapid7?

Having worked in a few companies around Belfast, Rapid7 was a name you heard of frequently (especially any of those companies which cared for cyber security) — but I had little insight into what they actually did (outside of maybe metasploit). Rapid7 in Belfast was always a name which is well respected and recognised as a great place to work (I use the analogy of how it is common to see “ex-” employees from Company X, Y and Z — but rarely will you see an 'ex-Rapid7' employee, as when you join Rapid7 you will be hooked from Day 0!)” - Thomas Franklin

“I think the first time I heard about Rapid7 would have been many years ago when they hosted a Women Who Code event I attended in their Belfast office. Since then I’ve seen them sponsor many more events, and have had a few friends start working here over the years.” - Danielle Topping

“I knew a few people that currently work at Rapid7 but I’ve also been part of the Belfast IT Market longer than I care to remember and they’ve always been seen as a positive place to work.” - Niall O’Hagan

Q: What attracted you to apply/work for Rapid7? (if you started during the Pandemic, why did you feel comfortable making a career change to work here)?

“Rapid7 felt like a startup company (even though it isn’t) which drew me towards it. I didn’t want to be just another employee. During my interview process I could tell that everyone I spoke to seemed really enthusiastic and excited for their work which is something I was honestly craving.

Changing jobs during the pandemic was actually a lot easier than people think. I found that doing my interviews via zoom was much less intimidating. I also didn’t have to worry about the daunting task of walking into a brand new office on my first day. I had the exact same setup as my previous job, just with different people on the other end of the zoom call. The team at Rapid7 made my enrollment as simple and straightforward as possible. Plus, a member of my team from my previous job joined Rapid7 on the exact same day as me.” - Lauren Quinn

“Predominantly the high regard that Rapid7 holds in the Belfast Market as a great place to work — I knew it was the kind of place that people stay at for years and that's always a good sign. I never really saw the current working-from-home situation as a barrier to the move, we’ve all adapted at this stage and as it turns out the onboarding was seamless.” - Niall O’Hagan

“There were a few reasons why I was drawn to Rapid7. The first was the actual work that they do in cybersecurity. With the pandemic, even more areas of our lives had to be moved online. And with that, obviously, came more vulnerability to hacks, and other attacks. In all honesty, cybersecurity wasn’t an area that I had much knowledge in, and with all the changes that were happening it emphasised my desire to change that, and to learn.

The other side of that was what I was hearing on how Rapid7 were treating employees during the pandemic. They were one of the first companies in Belfast to send employees to work remotely. I’d heard through a friend about them making psychologists available at global Town Halls, who employees could submit anonymous questions to. I thought this was a great indicator of how they cared for the people that were working here, and that gave me the confidence to start during the pandemic, while everyone was still remote.” - Danielle Topping

Q: Why would you recommend Rapid7 as a great place to work for your next opportunity (regardless of the industry you’re coming from)?

“I may be biased as I am a huge dog lover, but joining for #puppies-and-stuff alone is well worth the move! Where you can get daily updates on dogs such as:

In all seriousness, Rapid7 is in one of the most exciting industries, where we are constantly in a position to be ahead and working on exciting technologies. If exciting technology does not interest you, then the culture should! Rapid7 has a captivating culture which is refreshing to see as everyone is true to our core values!” - Thomas Franklin

“Rapid7 genuinely cares about every single employee’s experience. They want everyone to succeed and grow their skills and their career. Everyone I have met cares about the work they are doing and are working hard to achieve their goals. Having people like that to look up to is irreplaceable.”  - Lauren Quinn

“The biggest positive for me so far at Rapid7 has been the people that I’m working with, and their patience and willingness to help. Starting a new job remotely was a slightly daunting thought. But from day one, my teammates were available for overviews, help with setup and all questions that have come up along the way. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some people outside my team, and every time it’s been the same experience where folk are very willing to help, and are open with their time. I’m excited to get into our amazing new office, to get to spend proper time with them all.” - Danielle Topping

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