Last updated at Thu, 25 Jan 2024 01:17:24 GMT

A sack full of cheer from the Hacking Elves of Metasploit

It is clear that the Metasploit elves have been busy this season: Five new modules, six new enhancements, nine new bug fixes, and a partridge in a pear tree are headed out this week! (Partridge nor pear tree included.) In this sack of goodies, we have a gift that keeps on giving: Shelby’s Acronis TrueImage Privilege Escalation works wonderfully, even after the software is uninstalled.

If you prefer elf files to holiday elves, we’ve still got you covered

Jan Rude submitted two modules targeting Syncovery for Linux. One takes advantage of an insecure session token generator and allows for the brute-force creation of a token that matches that of a logged-in user, and the other allows an authenticated user to create a job that will run when a user’s profile is run.

New module content (5)

Enhancements and features (6)

  • #17191 from liangjs - This PR fixes a bug where the Windows Subsystem for Linux crashes when using a reverse_tcp x64 stager because of data in the upper bits of the RDI register when the syscall occurs.
  • #17255 from JustAnda7 - The command payloads have been updated to allow specifying the file system path for several of their commands within datastore options. This should allow users to specify these commands locations should they not be contained within the searchable PATH.
  • #17346 from adfoster-r7 - The logic for counting threads within lib/metasploit/framework/spec/threads/suite.rb has been updated to appropriately count and document the known threads that can be left behind when running the rspec test suite. This fixes an intermittent rspec crash.
  • #17355 from adfoster-r7 - The creds command has been updated to show the full SSH key contents when running the creds -v command or when exporting to a file with creds -o output.txt. Previously only a shortened fingerprint string would be shown to the user.
  • #17357 from adfoster-r7 - The docs site has been updated to support mermaid graphs for rendering diagrams to assist with explanations.
  • #17387 from smashery - The hosts, services, vulns and notes command have been updated to support tab expansion in paths using the ~ character when using the -o option to specify the path to the file to write the output to.

Bugs fixed (9)

  • #17345 from adfoster-r7 - A crash has been fixed when using the report API with verbose mode enabled and no active DB.
  • #17350 from smashery - This updates three UAC bypass modules to remove a hard coded delay in favor of using the module's builtin cleanup method. This results in the user having access to the interactive session without needing to wait.
  • #17351 from smashery - This fixes an issue in the exploit/windows/local/s4u_persistence module where the default value for FREQUENCY would cause an error.
  • #17352 from smashery - A bug has been fixed in the file_version method for Windows Meterpreter, which would cause the session to crash if it was run on a file that did not exist on the target system.
  • #17361 from jmartin-r7 - A bug has been fixed that would cause a crash when running the exit command from within msfconsole when running msfconsole with a 3.1.x release of Ruby.
  • #17366 from zeroSteiner - The upload and download commands used by shell sessions have been updated to handle directory destinations in the same way as the Meterpreter equivalents do, and to fix some bugs when uploading and downloading files that would prevent errors from being displayed and might cause session crashes.
  • #17368 from adfoster-r7 - Fixes a regression issue with msfvenom payload generation for large payloads taking more than 5 minutes to generate when outputting as hex format. Now it takes a few seconds as normal.
  • #17370 from jmartin-r7 - A bug has been fixed in the smb_enumshares.rb whereby if a SMBv1 connection is used a call was made to the net_share_enum_all function on the wrong object. This has since been updated to address this error.
  • #17378 from gwillcox-r7 - A bug has been fixed in the Meterpreter payloads that was preventing Python Meterpreter from being able to utilize its EventLog API properly. Additionally a bug has been fixed in the COFFLoader that prevented BOFLoader from working with some COFF files.

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