Last updated at Wed, 04 Jan 2023 17:29:19 GMT

On January 3rd, it was a little bit quieter than usual here at Rapid7. That's because our offices were closed for our first of five Global Days Off for 2023.

Global Days Off are designed to encourage teams around the world to unplug and rest, enabling them to bring their best selves back to work. At Rapid7, we care for our employees and believe these days will enable our teams to rest and recharge together, so we can continue to create positive outcomes for customers.

We already offer generous or unlimited paid time off plans, as well as a high level of flexibility in how our people structure their days. However, we all recognize that it can be difficult to step away from our work, especially when that work is so impactful. Global Days Off are aimed at providing relief throughout the year.

Days are strategically placed throughout the year, either extending existing holidays or weekends, or providing much needed relief during stretches of the year without holidays. They provide an opportunity for our people to enjoy a day off without feeling the urge to “check in,” having to miss out on meetings, or sift through an overcrowded inbox upon their return.

We are in the process of creating an updated service schedule for shift teams that directly monitor and support customers, so everyone can enjoy time off without impacting our customers.  

We’ve always done our best to balance the well being of our team, while delivering the best outcomes for our customers—especially over the last few years.  By continuing to invest and align our people strategy and actions with our business goals, we are well positioned to create impact for our customers, our employees, and our industry.

If you’d like to learn more about the important and impactful work our teams are doing around the globe, check out our careers site.