Last updated at Tue, 06 Feb 2024 14:00:00 GMT

Cybercrime has boomed to the third largest economy in the world behind the US and China (Cybernews), with much of the most nefarious behavior on the dark web. Monitoring it effectively can be the key to identifying the earliest signals of an attack – and the difference between a minor event and a major breach. But monitoring your dark web exposure and wider external attack surface can add complexity and noise to already stretched security teams.

With this in mind, Rapid7 is excited to announce our new Managed Digital Risk Protection (DRP) service, delivering expert monitoring, detection, and threat response across your external attack surface. With Managed DRP as an extension of Managed Threat Complete MDR services, customers have expert threat coverage across their macro attack surface - internal and external - to pinpoint threats, wherever they start. Here are the four key customer benefits and outcomes you can expect from this new service.

1. Identify the earliest signs of a cyber threat to prevent an attack

The external attack surface is often where the very initial phases of a targeted cyber attack begin. From fraud attempts to disrupt your operations, to leaked PII that exposes your organization, or good old phishing campaigns trying to get a gateway into business or customers - many attackers tried and true attack vectors begin outside your perimeter. And while cutting off these attacks as early as possible may seem intuitive, the specialized skill sets required to effectively navigate the complexities of the open, deep, and dark web are out of reach for even many well resourced security teams.

With Managed DRP, customers gain broad and deep external attack surface monitoring with our experts who know how to navigate restricted channels and exclusive dark web forums. With our experienced analysts operating as an extension of your team, we are able to reliably identify real threat signals to enable your team to anticipate and cut off these attacks before they can progress into broader impact for your organization.

2. Visibility and certainty around ransomware leakage

Nefarious ransomware groups are constantly exfiltrating, sharing, and selling organizations’ and individuals’ proprietary information and digital property on the dark web. Even if your organization was not directly a victim of ransomware, you unfortunately could be exposed through an attack on a partner or a supply chain. However, this information moves around the deep and dark web quickly - making it challenging to know if, where, and when you are exposed.

With ransomware leakage visibility in Managed DRP, customers have continuous monitoring of attack groups and their boards to look for customers’ exposed information. Once identified, our experts help analyze this information and ensure the customer has visibility into exactly what has been leaked. With this information, customers can know for certain what exposures exist and take appropriate action to address any compromise.

3. Rapidly remediate and takedown threats to minimize exposure

When - if ever - does it make sense to buy something off of the dark web? Will my organization allow me to make such a purchase? How does one approach removing a spoofed domain or phishing site off the web? While time to respond is critical in effectively extinguishing a threat outside your perimeter, this is new territory for many teams, and there can be uncertainty and complexity that delays taking down external threats before they can cause damage.

With expert guidance and execution, we are able to mitigate the risk posed by external threats and keep your organization safer. Our experts are experienced in navigating the dark web and have relationships with an ecosystem of domain registrars, web hosting providers, and more to accelerate takedown and remediations on your behalf. We streamline these workflows to eliminate targeted, malicious campaigns and minimize potential exposure to your business.

4. Leverage experts to eliminate noise and accelerate results

As our industry skills gap continues to widen, many organizations are turning toward consolidation and service augmentation to bridge this divide and unlock greater efficiency, productivity, and efficacy across their teams. In fact, 97% of organizations have an active consolidation strategy they are pursuing today (Gartner).

With Managed DRP complimenting and extending our leading MDR services, customers are able to quickly unlock an actionable, 360° view to pinpoint threats across their attack surface. Our DRP and MDR experts work side-by-side, to share knowledge of your macro environment and hunt down active threats wherever they may be. When we do identify an event - whether it be attack signals outside your perimeter or within your operating environment - our team is by your side to eliminate that threat from end-to-end.

Command your attack surface with Rapid7

Out of sight out of mind doesn’t work when it comes to cyber attacks. Don’t let your external attack surface be a mystery. Let our experts help you get control of your total attack surface and anticipate threats to prevent breaches earlier with Managed DRP.