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3 min Penetration Testing

PenTales: Testing Security Health for a Healthcare Company

At Rapid7 we love a good pen test story. So often they show the cleverness, skill, resilience, and dedication to our customer’s security that can only come from actively trying to break it! In this series, we’re going to share some of our favorite tales from the pen test desk and hopefully highlight some ways you can improve your own organization’s security. Rapid7 was tasked with testing a provider website in the healthcare industry. Providers had the ability on the website to apply for jobs

3 min Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Healthcare Orgs: Do You Need an Outsourced SOC?

Learn how your healthcare organization can benefit from cybersecurity managed services and an outsourced SOC.

5 min Healthcare Security

Cloud Security Strategies for Healthcare

The healthcare industry must innovate in the cloud to meet patient needs, but organizations need to do so without creating unnecessary or unmanaged risk.

3 min COVID-19

The Healthcare Security Pro's Guide to Ransomware Attacks

In this blog, we discuss the best practices to defend against ransomware attacks in the healthcare industry.

2 min Penetration Testing

This One Time on a Pen Test: Paging Doctor Hackerman

In this blog, one of our penetration testers tells the story of how he hacked X-ray machine and got the keys to the entire network.

9 min Vulnerability Management

Medical Device Security, Part 3: Putting Safe Scanning into Practice

In this blog post, we put the theory we've built out in our medical device scanning series into practice.

7 min Vulnerability Management

Medical Device Security, Part 2: How to Give Medical Devices a Security Checkup

In part two of our series, we get into the weeds of medical device scanning and examine how to directly perform assessments on medical devices.

7 min Vulnerability Management

Medical Device Security, Part 1: How to Scan Devices Without Letting Safety Flatline

When scanning medical devices, it's important to manage risk, be intentional and tread lightly, and never scan computers that are plugged into people.

3 min Healthcare Security

Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats Healthcare Organizations Face

Looking to protect your healthcare organization from cyber-threats? Here are the top five threats to look out for and tips on how to outsmart attackers.