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Integrate InsightAppSec with your ticketing system

Ticketing systems such as Atlassian Jira and ServiceNow ITSM have been adopted by countless development teams to manage their work in agile environments. Integrating InsightAppSec with these systems reduces lag time for developers to be notified of application vulnerabilities requiring patching. Deliver application scan results to your developers in a workflow they’re accustomed to, and take advantage of InsightAppSec’s Attack Replay functionality and interactive HTML reporting to speed your way to remediation.

Integrate into the CI/CD process

While modern web technologies and processes such as continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) have helped accelerate the pace of development, these same catalysts also make it difficult for scanners to effectively crawl and test your modern applications.

  • InsightAppSec integrates with Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Atlassian Bamboo, GitHub, and GitLab to help security teams work in parallel with application development teams by passing or failing builds based on your unique security criteria and thresholds.

Security can also be folded into the QA process: By integrating InsightAppSec with Selenium, you can leverage the automated functional unit tests created by QA teams to maximize security test coverage of an application. This expedites the identification and remediation of security bugs, and reduces the likelihood of missed vulnerabilities.

Scan your REST APIs with InsightAppSec's Swagger integration

Modern web applications are no longer monolithic. They’re becoming increasingly modular, utilizing web services and microservices to enable development teams to bring new features to market quicker (i.e. fewer inter-team dependencies). Web services and REST APIs also provide easy integration points for third party applications to deliver seamless, cross-application user experiences to end users. What does this mean for you team? REST APIs are everywhere these days, and must be secured alongside web app interfaces to protect the sensitive data applications possess. With support for Swagger REST API definitions, InsightAppSec makes it easy to scan your REST APIs for vulnerabilities.

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