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We've all been there. The software development life cycle (SDLC) is moving at a mile a minute. Developers are writing code, updating features, and all the while attempting to keep everything introduced into production as safe and secure as possible. GitHub Actions are essential to automation and allow you to build, test, and deploy your code right from GitHub, faster than ever.

But it comes with risks.

How can you be sure your running applications aren't vulnerable to exploitation? How will we know it's problematic before it gets into production? Can we realistically perform kick-off, test, and provide feedback to development not using automation?

Secure apps through automation

A DevSecOps mindset is needed, with security baked into the SDLC — and now, GitHub Actions makes this easier than ever. This new integration — offered completely free to InsightAppSec customers — allows security and development teams to automate dynamic application security testing (DAST) as part of the CI/CD build pipeline workflow. For example, you can easily configure the integration to scan your team's work for vulnerabilities, and if high-severity vulnerabilities are found, you can have it notify and/or block risky code before it reaches production environments.

Here's how it works:

All this happens automatically, so your team isn't spending time finding and communicating application risk — they're focusing on building a great application security program.

That's not where the benefits end, however.

1) It helps integrate DevOps into the Security workflow: In order to help build a Dev SecOps mindset across teams, this integration allows DevOps and Security teams to work together earlier in the lifecycle, improving cross-team outcomes and making your organization safer.

2) Automate DAST as part of your CI/CD workflow: This integration fits in seamlessly with what you're already doing, and automatically provides the vulnerability information your teams need to stay aware of risk and keep unsafe code out of your prod environments.

3) Quick and easy setup: Simply add the IAS Scan steps to your build pipeline as defined in the insightappsec-scan-github-action repo (assuming you have valid Github and InsightAppSec licenses).

And it is all for free. We're continuously working to make InsightAppSec the easiest and most powerful security platform for your web applications and teaming with Github will supercharge your development lifecycle in the safest way possible, automatically.

Want to learn more? Here's what you need to know about this integration.

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