Kubernetes Security Guardrails

Identify Kubernetes issues early on to avoid system downtime.

Kubernetes Security Guardrails

InsightCloudSec addresses all Kubernetes security needs, designed from a DevOps perspective with in-depth visibility for security.

Kubernetes Security Guardrails
Kubernetes Security Guardrails

Built for DevOps, Trusted by Security

InsightCloudSec empowers DevOps teams to drive frictionless security guardrails, allowing them to continuously secure and protect their growing Kubernetes deployments and workloads.

Tailored for Kubernetes and Service Mesh

Constantly updated with the latest Kubernetes threats, InsightCloudSec is geared to address the fast and ever-changing Kubernetes environment by leveraging policy-driven AI.

Focused on Where Attacks Happen

InsightCloudSec is equipped with comprehensive Kubernetes security and compliance checks. It focuses on where Kubernetes attacks occur by scanning the infrastructure and preventing configuration drifts.

Easy to Deploy and Use

InsightCloudSec is a platform-based, easy-to-maintain solution for Kubernetes security that is deployed in minutes and fully streamlined in the Kubernetes pipeline.

InsightCloudSec provides a single-pane view for all Kubernetes-related aspects and is seamlessly integrated with any environment. DevOps teams can enjoy continuous and dynamic analysis of their Kubernetes deployments while seamlessly complying with Kubernetes regulatory requirements such as PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA.

In one cloud-native security platform, InsightCloudSec provides for all your Kubernetes needs: configuration risks, visibility across clusters, and a single policy framework to enforce. InsightCloudSec makes sure risks are flagged and monitored early on as you build, enabling the smooth operation of business apps while protecting cloud deployments from malicious attacks. 

Scale your Kubernetes deployments without compromising on security with InsightCloudSec.