Context-Driven Risk Management

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Context-Driven Risk Management

Simplify cloud risk assessment with rich contextual insight into every layer of your environment, so you can understand and prioritize risk based on potential impact and likelihood of exploitation.

It’s common for teams to constantly feel overwhelmed with the massive volume of individual threat signals generated from all of their cloud resources and services. The scale of modern cloud environments cannot be overstated, with many enterprise customers having millions of resources running across various platforms.

It’s rare that any single misconfiguration, vulnerability, or permission actually provides enough context to help you confidently prioritize risks across your cloud environment and act on them in a timely fashion. This creates additional work for security teams, and prolongs the time it takes to identify and respond to risk.

InsightCloudSec cuts through the noise by analyzing risk in complete context from every layer of the cloud stack. The solution allows your teams to identify and prioritize remediation efforts on the misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that present the highest level of risk to your business, all in 60 seconds or less.