Continuous security and compliance for your multi-cloud environment

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Unified Multi-Cloud Inventory

InsightCloudSec standardizes multi-cloud data as an asset inventory to make cloud security more accessible and future-proofing policies as new services are released by CSPs.

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Intelligent, Real-Time Data Collection

InsightCloudSec leverages Cloud Service Provider (CSP) services (e.g. Amazon GuardDuty) for best-in-class intelligent threat detection that continuously monitors for malicious activity and unauthorized behavior.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Ensure systems and workloads are secure and kept up to date by classifying, and prioritizing detected vulnerabilities that can be associated with container images or other software components.

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Govern Cloud Identity and Access Management

InsightCloudSec helps govern cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) and adopt a least privileged access security model across your cloud and container environments.

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Infrastructure as Code Security

InsightCloudSec now offers full lifecycle cloud security and compliance. The new IaC Security feature shifts InsightCloudSec’s security & compliance policies into the CI/CD pipeline, allowing security professionals to evaluate the risk of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates before they are built.

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Kubernetes Security Guardrails

InsightCloudSec addresses all Kubernetes security needs, designed from a DevOps perspective with in-depth visibility for security.

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Built-In Automation and Remediation

InsightCloudSec provides security professionals with a platform to automate the protective and reactive controls necessary for an enterprise to innovate at the speed enabled by cloud environments. Automation is the key to being able to achieve both security and speed at scale.

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