InsightCloudSec Features

Eliminate Cloud Risk. Automate Compliance.

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Real-Time Visibility Across Clouds

Get a complete, up-to-the minute inventory of all assets across complex multi-cloud and container environments. InsightCloudSec uses a common nomenclature to standardize cloud assets with shared terminology across all cloud providers.

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Context-Driven Risk Management

Simplify cloud risk assessment with rich contextual insight into every layer of your environment, so you can understand and prioritize risk based on potential impact and likelihood of exploitation.

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Cloud Compliance Management

Check multi-cloud environments against dozens of industry and regulatory best practices with an easy-to-read visualization of compliance. Customize compliance checks to your own internal policy requirements and establish exceptions where necessary to avoid false positives.

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Agentless Vulnerability Management

Detect and prioritize known software vulnerabilities running in cloud workloads and container images.

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Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM)

Analyze the complex roles and identities of cloud environments to help reduce excessive entitlements and streamline least-privilege access (LPA) enforcement. Continuously monitor usage patterns to update and enforce access policies in accordance with LPA.

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Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security

Automatically scan infrastructure-as-code (IaC) templates to uncover and correct misconfigurations and policy violations, using a consistent set of security checks throughout the CI/CD pipeline.

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Automation and Real-Time Remediation

Leverage native, no-code automation to notify relevant resource owners and stakeholders when an issue arises — or if you prefer, auto-remediate without needing to include humans in the process.

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Kubernetes Security Guardrails

Utilize 175+ pre-built checks to simplify assessment of Kubernetes production environments.

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Cloud Detection and Response (CDR)

Quickly spot abnormal behavior — including correlating behaviors across multiple logged activities — with intelligent anomaly detection. Automate notification of relevant security teams and, if desired, automate remediation based on threat findings as well.

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Cloud Hygiene and Cost Containment

Utilize out-of-the-box detections to identify and automatically shut down or delete unused or over-provisioned resources in your environment, capturing significant savings and reducing risk.

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