Unify Endpoint Assessment

The Universal Insight Agent

The Insight Agent is a universal, lightweight agent that collects data for Rapid7 InsightVM, InsightIDR, and InsightOps. Deploy it once, and get live intel on both network and user risk on your endpoints.

Deploy easily across your network

The Insight Agent is lightweight, supported on all major flavors of Windows, Mac, and Linux, and only needs to be installed once to communicate data to solutions across the Insight platform. They can also be embedded in gold images to automatically assess new assets.

Detect attackers moving through your endpoints

Harness the combined power of Rapid7 Insight products: InsightIDR uses agents to identify lateral movement and other unusual user behaviors that can be indicative of an active breach. Be the ultimate ninja and stop attackers at your perimeter before they dig deeper into the network.

Analyze logs to identify and solve issues

Behold, the power of the Insight Agent: With the InsightOps Endpoint Interrogator, you gain visibility across every asset in your IT environment within seconds—including insight into each asset’s status, running processes, resource utilization metrics, and more.



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