Understand and Prioritize Risk with Clarity

Go Beyond Just Identification of Vulnerabilities

InsightVM not only provides visibility into the vulnerabilities in your on-prem IT environment and remote endpoints but also clarity into how those vulnerabilities translate into business risk and which are most likely to be targeted by attackers.

Never miss an asset

Containers, cloud services, and virtual devices are often spun up and down without direct involvement from the security team. Great for moving quickly, not so great for security. To avoid creating unseen gaps in your defenses, InsightVM integrates directly with dynamic infrastructure to give full visibility into the risks posed by these assets.

Leverage Rapid7 research into attacker behaviors for prioritization

InsightVM directly integrates with Project Sonar to identify rogue external assets that are part of your attack surface. Additionally, the threat feeds tap into Project Heisenberg's network of honeypots and findings from our Detection and Response team's active threat hunting to help you understand what threat actors are actively doing in the wild.

Streamline the remediation process

InsightVM analyzes your asset and vulnerability data to identify the singular actions you can take to have the largest impact on risk reduction. In other words, no more thousand-page lists of individual patches to apply—just informed decisions on how you can make the most progress.

Understand how your environment is changing—live

The Live Dashboards in InsightVM update as soon as there’s new data, letting you track your attack surface and risk as it changes. The views can even be customized for different technical teams or stakeholders. The result? (It's a pretty important one.) You can be confident in keeping your perimeter secure as it expands into the cloud and beyond.



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