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A Tale From Defcon and the Fun of BNAT

An interesting thing happened to me this year while at Defcon 19. I was in the shwag line waiting for some friends to pick out some items for their order when all of a sudden I saw a rather familiar face. At first I had no idea who he was but we both just looked at each other for a second and finally he came up to me and said "You look very familiar do I know you?". After talking for a minute I realized this was one of my friends from back home in Upstate NY, Jonathan Claudius. I actually used t

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ASCII Artists of the World UNITE!

Are you an artist?  Do you possess mad ASCII art skills?  Do you like the idea of having your artwork on the face of an open source project that's one of the world's largest, de-facto standard for penetration testing with more than one million unique downloads per year?  Then read on! One of the first things many people likely noticed when updating to the Metasploit Framework version 4.0-testing was the new ASCII art. In addition to all the new awesome features we have been adding to Metasploit

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Introducing msfvenom

The Metasploit Framework has included the useful tools msfpayload and msfencode for quite sometime. These tools are extremely useful for generating payloads in various formats and encoding these payloads using various encoder modules. Now I would like to introduce a new tool which I have been working on for the past week, msfvenom. This tool combines all the functionality of msfpayload and msfencode in a single tool. Merging these two tools into a single tool just made sense. It standardizes