Last updated at Mon, 24 Jul 2017 17:11:18 GMT

Nexpose 5.6, in case you haven't heard, added the Top Remediation report templates. Why is this a game changer??? Because now you can view security from an actionable lens that focuses and expands to fit your needs.  The report orders the remediations according to their effect on your organization, rolling up solutions across assets and allowing you to take the most impactful steps available. What does this mean for you? Well instead of asking "what is wrong", you can now ask "what should I do".

Similar to any other report in Nexpose, you can restrict the data in the report to specific Sites, Asset Groups, or vulnerability categories for further configurability and granularity. For example, if you have a Dynamic Asset Group that is configured to only include Windows Assets, you can create a remediation report that only lists the prioritized remediations for the Windows assets in your environment. This allows you to tailor actionable reports to different IT groups within your organization in a language they understand.

Both the Top Remediations and Top Remediations with Details templates allow you to specify the number of solutions and the metric in which the remediations are ordered (e.g. risk addressed), displaying an individual listing of the remediations along with their overall effect.

The additional detail provided by the Top Remediations with Details template, displays the actionable steps for the remediation along with the assets that will be affected.

You can customize the number of solutions and solution sort preference using the Remediation Display section in the Advanced Settings.