Last updated at Fri, 12 Jan 2024 15:46:45 GMT

12 Days of HaXmas, Wrapped!

Over the actual Twelve Days of Christmas, we here in Metasploit Nation have been celebrating the 12 Days of HaXmas by bringing our blog readers a fresh post about Metasploit (and hackery in general) every day for twelve days straight, all tagged under HaXmas. That conveniently lists all 12 posts in reverse order, so as you scroll through the titles, you can sing along:

On the 12th day of HaXmas, my true love gave to me...

  12 AV signatures,

  11 Git config aliases,

  10 Vigilantes webcammed,

  9 random bind ports,

  8 ping egresses,

  7 year-end wrap ups,

  6 IPMI 0days,

  5! RJS Buuuuuuuugs!

  4 party tricks,

  3 Meterpreters,

  2 password caches,

  and an SAP assessment suite!

...okay maybe it's not so great in song form. But I defy you to try to read that in your head without cramming the syllables into the lyrical meter. Oh, and the tune's stuck in your head now, too. You're welcome!