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First things first:
You must be registered & confirmed to be able to attend our 2015 Black Hat party.

Image from @defconparties of last year's fantastic party! I can't emphasize this enough: Unlike previous years, we are not doing any kind of at-the-door registration for our party this year.

If your plan was to live in the spirit of utter spontaneity, roll up to the club and see if you can happen to get in without registering beforehand -- you're going to be disappointed, and we really don't want to see that happen! While we absolutely want to see you and welcome you to our legendary party, we need everyone who wants to come to please register in advance.

As I write this, we still have some space left before we hit capacity and have to close down registration, but we are getting awfully close to that point. So if you're thinking you'd like to party with us, please don't wait to sign up.

Trey Ford's Black Hat Attendee Guide

This year I've been prepping for Black Hat a lot earlier than usual by reading Trey's Black Hat Attendee Guides very, very carefully. Speaking of, have you read my esteemed colleague's excellent Black Hat Attendee Guides yet?  There's lots here for pros and n00bs alike --

The Black Hat Attendee Guide

These posts are chock-full of useful information from a guy who really knows both our industry and the conference scene. Benefit from his wisdom and experience, folks!

In between packing this weekend/Monday night/Tuesday?, take the time to give these a read, and you'll get a lot more out of your week in Vegas. (I went out and bought some of the items he mentioned in part 7, because I barely made it through the week last year!)

A busy week in Vegas—come by and see us!

And of course, Hacker Summer Camp isn't just about parties -- thought it helps -- we'll be at Black Hat, BSidesLV and DEF CON next week.

Hear our experts present at Black Hat

Internet Plumbing for Security Professionals: The State of BGP Security

Wim Remes, August 5 @ 10:20AM, Mandalay Bay BDC
The underbelly of the Internet has been in a precarious condition for a while now. Even with all the knowledge about its weaknesses, we only make slow progress in implementing technology to secure it. We see BGP routing leaks on a regular basis. It almost feels like we take it for granted but at the same time it undermines our trust in the Internet. In this talk, we'll review the current situation for BGP, a foundational piece of the network we all rely on, and focus on the practical implementation of available countermeasures through live demos and examples. In and of itself, we launch a call to action for private organizations, government entities, and academia alike to roll up the sleeves and get cracking at fixing our Internet. If we want to keep trust in "The Internet of Things," we first have to build trust in the network that powers it.

**    Trey Ford & Kevin Bankston & Rebekah Brown, August 5 @ 4:20pm, South Seas GH**

Sharing information isn't hard - getting past backroom deals, NDAs and approval from general counsel is very hard. This topic is not two-dimensional, even if we are quick to weigh data sharing in the face of data breaches, and the US has several pieces of legislation in play on this right now.

Conservatively there are over 300,00 open jobs available in information security- efficiency, prioritization and alignment with IT has never been more important. Information sharing and threat intelligence offers hope that we can better inform priorities to align with real threats, however these solutions come with a new set of questions.

**    Nick Percoco & Tim Wilson & Lee Kushner & Kevin** Oswald, August 6 @ 3:40pm, Mandalay Bay Room J

The bad news is that enterprise data is at risk, and the attackers have the advantage. The good news is that this situation has created a boom market for IT security professionals. How can a skilled security pro take advantage of this lucrative marketplace? What's the best way to find new job opportunities and open positions? What skills and training are the best resume builders? Which positions offer the best salaries, and how can security pros find them? If you are doing the hiring, what positions are most in demand, and how can you identify potential candidates who have the special skills you need?

Visit us at Black Hat Booth 541

Our booth in the vendor hall is #541, conveniently right next to the Networking Lounge. We have the full schedule of booth events right here -- and in addition to product demos, we'll have a number of theater presentations happening on Wednesday and Thursday by the likes of Mark Stanislav (@markstanislav), Leon Johnson (@sho_luv), Christian Kirsch (@chris_kirsch), Mike Scutt (@omg_apt), Tod Beardsley (@todb) and Wim Remes (@wimremes). So come on by our booth to hear their nuggets o' wisdom, or to meet them and say hello!

Get your free Metasploit t-shirt

And as we do every year, we're giving out free Metasploit t-shirts at our Black Hat booth. Tod has more details on our fantastic community-contributed design this year, and for the first time in a while the shirt isn't black, white, or grey, but NAVY. gasp  And we'll also have women's sizes, hooray!  So while you're dropping by our booth to pick up your party badge, hear our theater talks, or get the scoop on the latest from us, don't forget your free t-shirt! Though judging by the lines we've had in past years, you probably won't be able to miss it

Meet our Recruiting Team at BSidesLV and Black Hat

Kate Launey (@kate_launey), a member of our recruiting team, will be on-site at BSidesLV both Tuesday and Wednesday, available to talk about our open roles and to answer any job-related questions you might have.  As proud BsidesLV sponsors this year, we'll also be participating in the Career Track on Wednesday. Kate will also be at our Black Hat booth on Thursday.

So if you're interested in joining our ever-growing team here at Rapid7, or are just poking around to see what's out there, feel free to talk to ANY of us about what it's like to work here (spoiler alert: it's awesome), and if you'd like to talk about open roles specifically, make sure to say hello to Kate!

Support the EFF at DEF CON, get cool stuff

Near and dear to my heart as always, and especially this year, is our DEF CON fundraiser to support the excellent folks at the EFF.

This year, we wanted to say it loud and proud: OPEN SOURCE IS MAGIC! Well, at least indistinguishable from magic, but you know what we mean.

Our t-shirt design, seen at right, is one that I'm happy to saw I drew myself, huzzah! /flexes

So I'm very excited to see it on our official DEF CON t-shirt! (I'll gladly sign your shirt if you'd like to make yours a limited-edition-artist-signed version, which I'm sure will go for a whole dang lot on Ebay one day. Right? Right?)

We'll have men's and women's sizes of the shirt available at DEF CON ($20), as well as laptop decal versions ($2) — all to support the EFF (we don't make a dime off of these). And we've already had requests for kids' sizes and onesies... we won't have them for DEF CON but we're looking in to having them made, if these shirts are as popular at DEF CON as we suspect they'll be.

Come see us in the DEF CON vendor hall, support the EFF, everybody wins!

BTW, a big thank you to Marshall Kirk McKusick for his blessing in letting us use the FreeBSD Daemon in my design. So yes, the BSD Daemon is used with permission.

I'll be spending most of my time between BsidesLV and DEF CON next week, so please say hello!

I'm looking forward to a very busy, crazy, insightful, blurry Vegas week next week—hopefully I'll remember some of it after it's all over!