Last updated at Thu, 31 Aug 2017 14:26:21 GMT

In Nexpose 6, we are introducing Adaptive Security, a smarter way to automate actions taken based on security incidents as they occur in your environment. The ultimate goal is to give back to security teams the time spent configuring tools to respond to a threat and automating the tedious and repetitive tasks taken to understand changes in the asset inventory and the threat landscape.

With Adaptive Security, you can create workflows called automated actions that respond to new and existing assets coming online, assets that are missed on scan windows, and more importantly, to instantly understand the surface area of a critical threat that is adding risk to the environment. Imagine a world where you know exactly what the affected assets are for a recently published Zero-day vulnerability. A world where your team have answers to questions like "How is the new celebrity Zero-day vulnerability affecting our environment?" or "What risk does an unauthorized asset adds to our security program?" as soon as the vulnerability is found or when the device comes online. Today, with Adaptive Security you do not need to imagine that world anymore. It is a reality, security teams now have the ability to work smarter and faster to take action in an automated way and focus on strategies to address the risk as opposed to finding it.

One of the more powerful aspects of this new features is that is highly configurable. Security teams can eliminate the noise generated  by just continuous monitoring and create filters and rules to intelligently react to threats and asset discovery in a way that makes sense and meet the particular needs of each of the customer environments managed by their security team. Not all findings or threats are born the same and they should be treated and addressed in the context that they live in.

Adaptive Security brings in a set of triggers that kick off automated actions. Differing actions based on the selected triggers are available allowing users to easily customize the response to a change on the environment or the threat landscape. Customization such as filtering the scope of the action or the area of the environment that needs to be addressed. The possibilities that this feature opens for efficiency and productivity are enormous and will make the usage of Nexpose even more enjoyable and useful than ever before.

Looking forward to hearing from you, new triggers and actions will be added and existing ones refined based on your feedback. Please check out our introductory video: Meet your newest asset: Adaptive Security. And also our video on how to use the "New Discovered Asset" trigger: Further control of Dynamic connections with Adaptive Security