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Here at Komand, we understand the importance of being part of a community. Not everyone can can afford the cost or time commitment necessary to attend large conferences. But that shouldn’t stop you from staying current, connected and active with the security community. Think local meetups: easy access, inexpensive, and in a relaxing environment with familiar faces.

Recently, we featured US Cybersecurity Conferences that you should know about and provided a handy shared Google calendar. We’re continuing this trend with local meetups. We’ve put together a list of cybersecurity gatherings in all the tech hotspots across the US.

Choose your location, and find local meetups:

Boston NYC DC Area Southeast Chicago Denver Texas Seattle Bay Area


Boston OWASP
The local OWASP chapter for the Boston area is going on its 10th year of success. Everyone is welcome to attend any meeting, as there is no signup or joining criteria- just go if it sparks your interest. All OWASP tools, documents, forums and chapters are free and open to anyone interested in improving application security.

Boston Security Meetup
Founded earlier this year and co-organized by our very own CEO, Jen Andre, the Boston Security Meetup is focused on open knowledge sharing amongst local security people of every level. Join a friendly and helpful group of security professionals that gather monthly for lightning talks and opportunities to socialize and network.

The Security of Things Meetup
This group is for professionals of all skills and backgrounds who are interested in securing the next generation of connected systems on the Internet of Things. Join the discussions on current events related to IoT and security, gather some tips on local happenings in Boston, and enjoy special members-only events which include networking, symposia, and meet the entrepreneur.

Boston Kali Linux Users
Whether you are a new or current Kali Linux user, this is the place to go if you're in the Boston area and looking to further educate yourself on penetration and security testing. Expect for these in-depth classes to run for 2+ hours, and will cover how to do security auditing both manually and with automation.

If you’re not into formal meetups whatsoever... this group is totally worth taking into consideration. You show-up when you can, eat, drink, and socialize with a bunch of cool security people from the Greater Boston area.

Cyber Study Group 
If you’re looking to develop and exercise hands on skills with tasks such as intrusion detection and log parsing, you’ll enjoy this group! The Cyber Study Group works on specific tasks that encourage members to share knowledge that everyone can learn from.

Boston Cloud Services 
Not only does this group focus on cloud based services, but it also tackles issues stemming from security, management, and integration.

Boston Connected & Intelligent Device Meetup 
Aside from traditional component selection, prototyping and manufacturing, devices have to contend with issues such as privacy, security, networking and authentication. Members chat about design, growth, promotion, and security of select devices.

IoT Central  
IoT Central is a meetup where attendees can get inspired, engage, and connect with other security enthusiasts. Here, you’ll learn how IoT Security and IoT Platforms intersect.


New York Information Security Meetup
New York hosts the largest gathering of its kind, and is supported by over 1900 current Security Pro members. Regardless of your skill level or expertise, this meetup welcomes locals to listen to featured speakers, panel discussions, hand-on workshops, and an amazing networking opportunity.

Women in Cybersecurity/infosec
A well known problem in tech is the lack of female representation in tech roles, and this group intends to change that. Whether you are advanced in the field, or simply wish to enter the cybersecurity world, join 200 dedicated women for training workshops, mentoring, networking,job placement assistance, and more!

Northeast Cyber Security
In an effort to improve the current state of cybersecurity on both a domestic and international level, Northeast Cyber Security’s mission is to establish a multi-stakeholder consortium that brings together industry, government and academic interests. Keep an eye out in the near future, as they will be posting a number of live conferences made of academic, corporate, and governmental cyber experts to address all subtopics of security.

Defending and Enhancing Operational Integrity
Meet with like-minded individuals to discuss the cybersecurity landscape. All attendees can expect to learn from experts in the field ranging from risk mitigation to cybersecurity insurance professionals.

CATCH: Cyber and Technology Compliance (with Helm)
Startups and established companies realize technology is advancing rapidly. Therefore, it’s important to capitalize on the latest tech developments for a competitive advantage. This forum is to help application/platform designers and other professionals obtain a better understanding of the existing or upcoming regulations regarding cybersecurity and technology.

Washington DC Area

D.C. Cyber Security Professionals
With over 2800 cybersecurity professional members, this is by far the largest meetup around the D.C area. They have an unwavering dedication to provide networking opportunities and educational sessions on all things cybersecurity, to all who would like to join the community.

NoVa Cybersecurity Collective (NoVACC)
Cumulated in Fairfax, Virginia, this meetup is fueled off working for the greater good. Anyone who has an interest in computer/system security in general with a purpose to incubate and create solutions is welcome to join. Like they stated on their site, “All of us have something great to offer, and together, we can be a force to reckon with”. With over 490+ current members, they are well on their way to becoming a unit that could match up against any hacker.

Capital Area Cyber Security User Group
If you enjoy a more hands-on approach to learning, this meetup group could be a beneficial resource. Join monthly with over 1200+ members from the DC Area to focus on penetration testing following the outline for the certified ethical hacker.

Cybersecurity Innovation Forum Meetup (George Mason University)
Calling all cybersecurity experts and technology innovators in Virginia: This is a membership that you should unquestionably consider. Meetups occur several times per year, and are all held on George Mason University’s beautiful campus. Share, question, and discuss among 1650+ professionals on how to continue innovation in the cybersecurity solution field.

Security by Design
Located in Arlington, VA, this group covers topics like “Cloud Security Fundamentals” and “Security and The Software Industry Supply Chain”. The basis of Security by Design’s mission is to stress the importance of security at every stage.

White Hat Academy
Though new, White Hat Academy already has almost 150 members with two events scheduled in the near future. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, be sure to check this group out for its latest cyber security workshops, classes, and events.

Cyber Security Forum for Small Businesses
“Better security is good business,” What better way to increase awareness of cyber threats, regulatory frameworks and available resources than to join a platform that connects business leaders to cybersecurity industry experts? Learn how your business can protect itself and join us during our next meetup.


Charleston Cybersecurity Meetup
From infosec to the latest vulnerabilities and exploits out there, the discussions and educational sessions that occur at these meetups are something that any beginner or pro would find applicable.

Greater Atlanta Security for control systems
This is a group built particularly for professionals involved in cybersecurity for automated processes and control systems in the Greater Atlanta Area. Monthly meetings are committed to educate, exchange information, discover new opportunities within the industry, and perhaps a few happy hours!

Threat Intelligence and Cyber Security Research
Located in Atlanta, GA, this meetup is intended for security professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge base about threat intelligence and security research. Discussions are intended to help find the best ways to incorporate threat intelligence into both the prevention and detection of advanced persistent threats.


Information Security Users Group
With 3000+ professionals strong, the Information Security User Group’s main goal is to increase public awareness on the use of digital info and to further fine tune professionals skills. Industry experts are frequently invited to come and share their expertise, and the meetups are highly beneficial to those seeking to get prepared for IT security certifications such as CISSP, Security+, CCNA/CCNP Security, CEHv7, CISM, CheckPoint, etc.

Chicago Security Intelligence with SIEM
This meetup of over 100+ gather to share knowledge on cyber intelligence complemented by tools such as QRadar, STRM, ArcSight, Splunk and many others.

Chicago Cybersecurity Meetup
This group was created in hopes of solving the security industry’s negative unemployment, through rigorous training to protect the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data we create everyday. Their invitation is open to anyone who wished to join the existing 520+ members, and take an active role in solving this country’s extensive security dilemma.

This meetup is for anyone interested in learning about cybersecurity. EvolveSec offers hands-on workshops and guest speaker events, providing the space to network with numerous professionals in the field.


Denhac - The Denver Hackerspace
A “Hackerspace” is a designated place for people to learn, socialize, collaborate, and work on tech projects. Although this group is not solely focused on cybersecurity, they have since 2008 offered many events and classes to the public that are concentrated on security and are renowned resources.

Denver/Boulder Cybersecurity Meetup
The Denver/Boulder Cybersecurity Meetups are designated for anyone interested in trends and careers in cybersecurity, networking opportunities, the exchange of ideas and information, and interviews with "Cybersecurity Heroes" (regional experts in the cybersecurity domain who provide industry insights).

Hackers of Denver
This is a meetup group that many in security can appreciate. Besides the usual networking opportunities at local events, you spend your time sharing ideas and war stories, build gadgets, help with tech projects, practice conference talks, code and more with people who share your passion.

Learn Cybersecurity
With over 1 million roles available in cybersecurity and it projected to double by 2019, Learn Cybersecurity focuses on providing a place for people to break into the industry. This group hosts meetups for beginners and those with a lack of experience.


The CyberDef Dojo
Held in San Antonio, The CyberDef Dojo is the largest collection of cybersecurity specialists in the southwest. Over 545+ hackers, innovators and learners gather to share their passion for engineering, building, and understanding cybersecurity technologies.

Houston Cybersecurity Happy Hour
This meetup is said to be as enjoyable as the title leads on. The 1st Thursday of every month, tech professionals gather to network, share ideas, collaborate, and discuss the current state of cybersecurity. And they never fail to add some fun with door prizes, and complimentary food and drinks!

Austin Cybersecurity Group
The ideology behind this group is that in the security industry, you tend to learn much better when you practice tackling real world scenarios instead of simply reading about them. The meetings aim to fill the gap between offensive and defensive cybersecurity by hosting industry leaders to speak and train those who wish to become ethical hackers, penetration testers and infosec professionals.

Austin Hackers Association:
A group of hackers and security professionals that gather regularly to share and listen to “turbo-talks” (5-10 min. presentations) on a wide range of security topics. This association continues to be successful due to their mandatory participation rule. An offspring of this group was created on the same principles, and is now based in Dallas with over 550+ members.

San Antonio Hackers Association:
On the 6th day of every month, these individuals meet to discuss their successful methods of creating minor menace in the world of technology. Constructive criticism is welcome, but thieves are

ATX 2600:
Founded in 2009, this group of script kiddies started out with a big focus on deriving and sharing substantial current information. They have since shifted to a more ideological approach, and intend to fix that by bringing the large tech base of Austin together again.

Digital Defense Dallas: Understanding Cybersecurity
The time for any small business to protect themselves from cyber threats is now! The longer the wait, the greater the risk. Join the discussion as this meetup connects to provide business owners with the right tactics to avoid future security breaches.


Kitsap Cyber Security Group
Any cybersecurity enthusiast is welcome to attend for access to networking opportunities and listen to guest speakers presentations. They only ask one thing of you; to bring your talents, regardless of personal skill level.

CyberTECH Internet of Things - Seattle
CyberTECH is the Nation’s leading cyber and IoT business network, and is dedicated to connecting IoT enthusiasts of all skill levels looking forward to exploring the IoT space.

(ISC)2 Kitsap Peninsula Chapter
This is a group of cybersecurity professionals that gather together on a regular basis to learn, share and network through fun activities.

Seattle Women in Cyber Security and Info Security
A new group has formed and it wants all women in the Seattle/Bellevue/Tacoma area to participate. Anyone currently working in or are interested in what a career in cybersecurity has to offer are encouraged to join. Attendees can expect to gain valuable information as well as learn of opportunities for professional development.

Bay Area

Bay Area Cyber Security Meetup
This meetup continues to grow in size as well as strength, as more and more security professionals gather to network, learn, and share their knowledge. With over 1350+ security enthusiasts as members, the Bay Area Cyber Security Meetup is filled with bright minds and passionate collaborators.

CyberTECH Cybersecurity
With 1400+ members, and 70+ meetups under their belt, this group is a place for all Bay Area entrepreneurs and members of the high tech community should attend. Focused on incubating high tech security companies, they have created a place to foster innovation, growth, and connections.

Data Mining for Cyber Security
Even though they are recently founded in 2015, this group has already accumulated 1500+ members (researchers, engineers, developers, hacker, lurkers, or just people who take an interest in the security field). They hope to further educate the security community on how collection/analysis can be used in the security context.

The Walnut Creek Information Security Meetup
Whether you’re a security professional or aspiring to become one, there is something to take away from each meetup. For those who are just getting started, learn the latest skills, and professionals, discuss trending topics of cybersecurity.