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CMS Exploitation Made Simple

"CMS Made Simple" is an open-source Content Management System. Mustafa Hasen
discovered and reported that versions 2.2.5 and 2.2.7 include a vulnerability in file uploads that permit an authenticated attacker to gain execution of arbitrary PHP scripts. The multi/http/cmsms_upload_rename_rce exploit module uses our PHP Meterpreter to gain full control of the target.

Axis Allies

Isn't it lovely when a team comes together? Last week, a group of Metasploit developers and Rapid7 pen testers got together to play with a series of critical vulnerabilities in Axis cameras. The vulnerabilities permit an attacker with network access to the camera to bypass authentication and gain remote code execution as root. Check out the AXIS advisory and the team's Metasploit module, linux/http/axis_srv_parhand_rce.

PHPMyAdmin Login Scanner

Pen testers and players of last year's Metasploitable3 CTF know how valuable discovering the credentials to a MySQL database can be. Wouldn't it be great if you could easily check the credentials against a PHPMyAdmin instance? @space-r7 thought so too! Check out her auxiliary/scanner/http/phpmyadmin_login module.

Speaking of Pen Testers...

Earlier this week, Rapid7 released its second Under the Hoodie report, which digs into data from 268 pen tester engagements to highlight exploitation success rates, credential capture rates, and memorable "war stories" from the offensive security trenches. Download the (free, ungated!) report here to explore takeaways from our pen testing fam.

Open Source Security Meetup (OSSM): Vegas 2018

Like open source security? Want to take a break from corporate events at hacker summer camp to share projects and chat in a low-key environment? Stop by the fourth annual Open Source Security Meetup (OSSM) in Vegas from 4-6 PM August 9. There are no formal presentations this year (true meetup-style), but if you’re an open source security dev with a project you want to discuss, let us know here.

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