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Thank you all that participated in the 2020 December Metasploit community CTF! The four day CTF was well received by the community, with 874 teams and 1903 users registered! We’ve included the high-level stats and the competition winners below. If you played the CTF and want to let the Metasploit team know which challenges you found exhilarating, interesting, or infuriating (in a good way, of course), we have a feedback survey up here:

Congratulations to everyone who teamed up with community members, learned something new, or captured flags. The collaboration we saw on Slack and Twitter was awesome as always!


Top 10 winners

Place Team
1 Neutrino_Cannon
2 PrettyBeefy
3 PostalTime
4 binbash
5 deadastronauts
6 EvilBunnyWrote
7 L1T
8 Mailru
9 () { :;}; echo vulnerable
10 Team sorceror
12 BisonSquad
13 socialdistancing
14 LeukeTeamNaam
15 OWASP Moncton

We'll be in touch with winners shortly to arrange prize delivery. Big thanks to CTFd for providing technology that helped power the game, and thanks to our friends at Hack The Box for chipping in cool prizes!

Thanks to everyone that took part in this year's CTF. All teams who made it onto the scoreboard will also have their team names incorporated into a commemorative banner in Metasploit Framework in the new year.


  • This year had 2000 total possible points from our 20 challenges. Two of these challenges were previously unsolved challenges from our January 2020 Metasploit Community CTF.
  • Overall there were 1903 users and 874 teams registered
  • Over 1400 machines were deployed over the course of the game
  • 24 teams managed to capture all flags
  • The 4 of Hearts had the most solves with 407 solves, and the 7 of Spades had the least solves with 33 solves
  • 413 teams made it onto the scoreboard. Congrats to all of you who captured your first-ever flag in this year's game!
  • 2275 correct MD5 hashes were submitted, with 1229 wrong submissions.

Solve Percentages Per Challenge

4 of Hearts 407
Red Joker 213
8 of Hearts 183
2 of Spades 176
6 of Diamonds 157
3 of Spades 137
6 of Hearts 122
Black Joker 111
Queen of Hearts 90
2 of Hearts 87
8 of Diamonds 84
Ace of Clubs 77
Queen of Spades 75
4 of Clubs 71
9 of Diamonds 65
9 of Clubs 60
8 of Spades 49
5 of Clubs 39
9 of Hearts 39
7 of Spades 33

Submission Percentages

As in previous years, it's possible that the hacker community will come out with detailed write-ups on how they solved some or all of this year's challenges. We'll do our best to list a few of those here as they roll in. You can also check out #metasploit-ctf and #write-up-links in Slack for solution discussions.

Thanks to everyone who made the competition a fun and educational experience, both the community and everyone that was involved in the creation of the CTF and its challenges: zeroSteiner, space, tychos_moose, catc0n, juggernot, n00tmeg, erinbleiweiss, pebarry, Dean, Op3n4m3, hairy_mongrel, 8_bitChris, tekwizz123 and Alan Foster. We look forward to seeing you at the next Metasploit CTF!