Last updated at Fri, 16 Apr 2021 13:46:59 GMT

Security teams often struggle to demonstrate the efficacy and progress of their organization’s vulnerability and remediation management program. This is a result of the complexity around identifying, collecting, and visualizing complicated metrics. InsightVM’s Executive Summary Report has proved to be a powerful tool to achieve this, and we’re excited to announce that it just got better.

Currently, the InsightVM Executive Summary Report is locked to a 30-day interval and for all assets in a user’s environment. Rapid7 has recently released the ability for members of the security team to filter this report to focus on the items they deem most relevant.

In order to leverage this feature, users should execute the following steps:

1. Go to the Query builder.

2. Build a query for the items you wish to highlight in your report.

3. Click the Create Report button.

4. Select the Pre-Built Report option.

5. Select the Executive Summary Report template from the selector.

6. Enter a name for the report (required), a description (optional), and those you wish to share the report with (optional), and select whether you want the report to be generated on a recurring basis.

If you choose recurring, you’ll be able to select the interval of days, weeks or months you wish for this report to be generated on, the time that this report will be generated and when the report will be first generated.

7. After, you may retrieve the report from the Reports Management page in InsightVM.

We believe that this is a powerful new feature that will allow users to target specific areas of their environment and demonstrate the progress of their work. We hope that this will empower you within your organization.


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