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I'm very Emby-ous

Community contributor btnz-k has authored a new Emby Version Scanner module consisting of both an exploit and a scanner for the SSRF vulnerability found in Emby. Emby is a previously open source media server designed to organize, play, and stream audio and video to a variety of devices.

SharePoint of entry

SharePoint, a document management and storage system designed to integrate with Microsoft Office, patched a vuln in May 2021 that allowed authenticated users to perform Remote Code Execution. Our own Spencer McIntyre and wvu authored a PR that allows exploitation of this vulnerability on unpatched systems. The user will need to have the SPBasePermissions.ManageLists permission on the targeted site, but by default users can manually make their own site where that permission will be present.

New module content (4)

  • Emby Version Scanner by Btnz, which exploits CVE-2020-26948 - This PR adds an aux scanner and module to exploit CVE-2020-26948, an SSRF against emby servers
  • IPFire 2.25 Core Update 156 and Prior pakfire.cgi Authenticated RCE by Grant Willcox and Mücahit Saratar, which exploits CVE-2021-33393 - A new module has been added to exploit CVE-2021-33393, an authenticated command injection vulnerability in the /cgi-bin/pakfire.cgi web page of IPFire devices running versions 2.25 Core Update 156 and prior. Successful exploitation results in remote code execution as the root user.
  • HashiCorp Nomad Remote Command Execution by Wyatt Dahlenburg ( - Adds a new multi/misc/nomad_exec module for HashiCorp's Nomad product. This module supports the use of the 'raw_exec' and 'exec' drivers to create a job that spawns a shell.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Unsafe Control and ViewState RCE by wvu, Spencer McIntyre, and Unknown, which exploits ZDI-21-573 - A new exploit for CVE-2021-31181 has been added, which exploits a RCE in SharePoint that was patched in May 2021. Successful exploitation requires the attacker to have login credentials for a SharePoint user who has SPBasePermissions.ManageLists permissions on any SharePoint site, and grants the attacker remote code execution as the user running the SharePoint server.

Enhancements and features

  • #15109 from zeroSteiner - An update has been made so that when a user attempts to load an extension that isn't available for the current Meterpreter type, they will now receive a list of payloads that would yield a Meterpreter session that would be capable of loading the specified extension. Additionally, when a user runs a command that's in an extension that hasn't been loaded yet, Metasploit will now tell the user which extension needs to be loaded for the command to run.
  • #15187 from dwelch-r7 - Updates the msfdb script to now prompt the user before enabling the remote http webservice functionality, defaulting to being disabled. It is still possible to enable this functionality after the fact with msfdb --component webservice init
  • #15316 from zeroSteiner - The assembly stub used by the PrependFork option for Linux payloads has been updated to call setsid(2) in the child process to properly run the payload in the background before calling fork(2) again. This ensures the payload properly runs when the target environment is expecting the command or payload to return, and ensures the payloads better emulate the Mettle payload's background command to ensure better consistency across payloads.

Bugs fixed

  • #15319 from pingport80 - This fixes a localization issue in the post/windows/gather/enum_hyperv_vms module where on non-English systems the error message would not match the specified regular expression.
  • #15328 from zeroSteiner - The lib/msf/core/session/provider/single_command_shell.rb library has been updated to address an issue whereby shell_read_until_token may sometimes fail to return output if the randomized token being used to delimit output is contained within the legitimate output as well.
  • #15337 from 0xShoreditch - A bug has been fixed in apache_activemq_upload_jsp.rb whereby the URI and filesystem path were not separated appropriately. Additionally, extra checks were added to handle error conditions that may arise during module operation.
  • #15340 from adfoster-r7 - A bug was identified in lib/msf/ui/console/command_dispatcher/db.rb where the -d flag was not being correctly honored, preventing users from being able to delete hosts from their database. This has now been fixed.

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