Last updated at Thu, 30 Nov 2023 19:07:01 GMT

The world of the cloud never stops moving — so neither can cloud security. In the face of rapidly evolving technology and a constantly changing threat landscape, keeping up with all the latest developments, trends, and best practices in this emerging practice is more vital than ever.

Enter Rapid7’s third annual Cloud Security Summit, which we’ll be hosting this year on Tuesday, March 29. This one-day virtual event is dedicated to cloud security best practices and will feature industry experts from Rapid7, as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Snyk, and more.

While the event is fully virtual and free, we know that the time commitment can be the most challenging part of attending a multi-hour event during the workday. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a short list of the top reasons you’ll definitely want to register, clear your calendar, and attend this event.

Reason 1: Get a sneak peak at some original cloud security research

During the opening session of this year’s summit, two members of Rapid7’s award-winning security research team will be presenting some never-before-published research on the current state of cloud security operations, the most common misconfigurations in 2021, Log4j, and more.

Along with being genuinely interesting data, this research will also give you some insights and benchmarks that will help you evaluate your own cloud security program, and prioritize the most commonly exploited risks in your organization's environment.

Reason 2: Learn from industry experts, and get CPE credits

Along with a handful of team member’s from Rapid7’s own cloud security practice, this year’s summit includes a host of subject matter experts from across the industry. You can look forward to hearing from Merritt Baer, Principal in the Office of the CISO at Amazon Web Services; Anthony Seto, Field Director for Cloud Native Application Security at Snyk; Keith Hoodlet, Code Security Architect at GitHub; and more. And that doesn’t even include the InsightCloudSec customers who will be joining to share their expert perspectives as well.

While learning and knowledge gain are clearly the most important aspects here, it’s always great to have something extra to show for the time you devoted to an event like this. To help make the case to your management that this event is more than worth the time you’ll put in, we’ve arranged for all attendees to earn 3.5 continuing professional education (CPE) credits to go toward maintaining or upgrading security certifications, such as CISSP, CISM, and more.

Reason 3: Be the first to hear exciting Rapid7 announcements

Last but not least, while the event is primarily focused on cloud security research, strategies, and thought leadership, we are also planning to pepper in some exciting news related to InsightCloudSec, Rapid7’s cloud-native security platform.

We’ll end the day with a demonstration of the product, so you can see some of our newest capabilities in action. Whether you're already an InsightCloudSec customer, or considering a new solution for uncovering misconfigurations, automating cloud security workflows, shifting left, and more, this is the best way to get a live look at one of the top solutions available in the market today.  

So what are you waiting for? Come join us, and let’s dive into the latest and greatest in cloud security together.

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