Last updated at Tue, 28 Nov 2023 18:54:01 GMT

Cloud and container technologies are being increasingly embraced by organizations around the globe because of the efficiency, superior visibility, and control they provide to DevOps and IT teams.

While DevOps teams see the benefits of cloud and container solutions, these tools create a learning curve for their security colleagues. Because of this, security teams often want to slow down adoption while they figure out a strategy for maintaining security and compliance in these new fast-moving environments.

Container and Kubernetes (K8s) environments are already fairly complex as it is, and layering multiple additional security tools into the mix makes it even more challenging from a management perspective. Organizations need to find a way to enable their DevOps teams to move quickly and take advantage of the benefits of containers and K8s, while staying within the parameters the security team needs to maintain compliance with organizational policy.

This challenge goes beyond technology. These teams need to find a solution that allows them to work together well, doesn't over-complicate their working relationship, and lets both sides get what they want with minimal overhead.

A holistic approach to Kubernetes security

As an open-source container orchestration system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, Kubernetes is extremely powerful. However, organizations must carefully balance their eagerness to embrace the dynamic, self-service nature of Kubernetes with the real-life need to manage and mitigate security and compliance risk.

Rapid7's recent introduction of InsightCloudSec intelligently unifies both CSPM and CWPP functionalities, thus enabling a holistic approach for protecting valuable assets in the cloud — one that includes Kubernetes and workload security.

Built for DevOps, trusted by security

In retrospect, 2020 was a tipping point for the Kubernetes community, with a massive increase in adoption across the globe. Many companies, seeking an efficient, cost-effective way to make this huge shift to the cloud, turned to Kubernetes. But this in turn created a growing need to remove Kubernetes security blind spots. For this reason, we've introduced Kubernetes Guardrails.

With Kubernetes Security Guardrails, organizations are equipped with a multi-cluster vulnerability scanner that covers rich Kubernetes security best practices and compliance policies, such as CIS Benchmarks. As part of Rapid7's InsightCloudSec solution, this new capability introduces a platform-based and easy-to-maintain solution for Kubernetes security that is deployed in minutes and is fully streamlined in the Kubernetes pipeline.

Securing Kubernetes with InsightCloudSec

Kubernetes Security Guardrails is the most comprehensive solution for all relevant Kubernetes security requirements, designed from a DevOps perspective with in-depth visibility for security teams.

InsightCloudSec is designed to be an agentless state machine, seamlessly applied to any computing environment — public cloud or private software-defined infrastructure.

InsightCloudSec continually interacts with the APIs to gather information about the state of the hosts and the Kubernetes clusters of interest. These hosts can be GCP, AWS, Azure, or a private data center that can expose infrastructure information via an API.

Integrated within minutes, the Kubernetes Guardrails functionality simplifies the security assessment for the entire Kubernetes environment and the CI/CD pipeline, while also creating baseline profiles for each cluster, and highlighting and scoring security risks, misconfigurations, and hygiene drifts.

Both DevOps and Security teams enjoy the continuous and dynamic analysis of their Kubernetes deployments, all while seamlessly complying with regulatory requirements for Kubernetes.

With Kubernetes Guardrails, Dev teams are able to create a snapshot of cluster risks, delivered with a detailed list of misconfigurations, while detecting real-time hygiene and conformance drifts for deployments running on any cloud environment. Some of the most common use cases include:

  • Kubernetes vulnerability scanning
  • Hunting misplaced secrets and excessive secret access
  • Workload hardening (from pod security to network policies)
  • Istio security and configuration best practices
  • Ingress controllers security
  • Kubernetes API server access privileges
  • Kubernetes operators best practices
  • RBAC controls and misconfigurations

Cloud Risk Complete

Analyze, respond to, and remediate risks without a patchwork of solutions or additional costs.


Ready to drive cloud security forward?

Rapid7 is proud to introduce a Kubernetes security solution that encapsulates all-in-one capabilities and unmatched coverage for all things Kubernetes.

With a security-first approach and strict compliance adherence, Kubernetes Guardrails enable a better understanding and control over distributed projects, and help organizations maintain smooth business operations.

Want to learn more? Watch the on-demand webinar on InsightCloudSec and its Kubernetes protection.