Last updated at Tue, 05 Jul 2022 20:35:26 GMT

Welcome back to The Lost Bots! In the first installment of Season 2, Rapid7 Detection and Response (D&R) Practice Advisor Jeffrey Gardner and his new co-host Stephen Davis, Lead D&R Sales Technical Advisor, give us their five pillars of success for deploying a security information and event management (SIEM) solution. They tell us which pillars are their favorites and how security practitioners — including our hosts themselves — sometimes misstep in these areas.

Watch below for a rundown of how to successfully deploy a SIEM, all in a cool 10 minutes. (Fair warning: Your actual SIEM deployment might take slightly longer than it takes to watch this episode.)

Throughout Season 2, Jeffrey and Stephen will talk through some of the biggest topics and most pressing questions in D&R and cybersecurity, both one-on-one and with guests. We'll be publishing new episodes on the last Thursday of every month. See you in July!

In the meantime, get started on that upcoming SIEM deployment with our handy checklist.


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