Last updated at Wed, 28 Jun 2023 16:18:15 GMT

Central to our mission at Rapid7 is building long-term relationships with partners who deliver valuable security solutions to customers. As customers increasingly seek managed services to meet their security needs, we've eagerly expanded our partner ecosystem to support a rapidly growing body of Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) partners.

As a unified security operations (SecOps) technology platform, Rapid7 makes it easy for MSSPs to build services around an array of solutions, including detection and response, vulnerability management, cloud security, external threat intelligence, and more.

Rapid7's Insight platform is designed with an obsessive focus on the practitioner experience. This includes the following special considerations for the MSSP security operations center (SOC) analyst.


Multi-tenancy and customer data separation is foundational to the MSSP product experience. We understand there are strict regulatory requirements necessitating data separation across all end-customers. Ensuring partners leverage multi-tenancy across all core components of their portfolio is critical to optimal service delivery for end-customers.

Single Pane of Glass (Introducing Multi-Customer Investigations)

Whereas other vendors may require partners to individually manage investigations and security posture for each customer independently, we realize this is not an optimal experience for a partner who may have tens, hundreds, or even thousands of end-customers. Our solution offers a single pane of glass for aggregated data visibility across all customers in one place.

One example of this is our multi-customer investigations experience which we launched in April. With this capability, MSSPs are empowered to conduct investigations at scale across their customer bases. After a few months, feedback on this experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Early users of the capability say this has yielded up to a 20 percent decrease in time spent investigating workflows.

And this is just the beginning. The multi-customer investigations functionality represents just the first step in a larger cross-portfolio product strategy to unlock operational efficiencies for MSSPs – no matter where they are in their security journey.

Easy deployment

Whether a partner is more of a managed service provider (MSP) with emerging security workflows or a mature MSSP with an established way of working, we’ve heard a consistent message: Partners need fast time-to-value for end-customers. That's why we've made it easy for MSSPs to rapidly deploy new customers across all solution offerings. We understand security solutions are most valuable when partners deliver value quickly, and that starts with speedy deployment across the Insight platform.

A dedicated support experience

When partners encounter issues, it’s critical they are resolved quickly. It’s equally important to easily generate cases, track tickets, and escalate as needed. That’s why we introduced an exclusive support experience. Partners can easily navigate to this new experience via a dedicated tile in the Rapid7 partner portal. From there, creating a case is easy and intuitive. Support staff has also been trained to handle partner-specific use cases—such as multi-customer investigations—to ensure issues are resolved efficiently.

One platform to support many service offerings

Our mission is to be the ideal SecOps platform of choice for partners. This means it needs to be easy to navigate the different solutions available for partners. Many partners have started their journeys with Rapid7 detection and response capabilities and, as their needs have grown, evolved into delivering a comprehensive security suite that includes forensic analysis, vulnerability management, cloud security, and threat intelligence solutions. API support also enables partners to integrate Rapid7 with their own technology stacks.

Today, partners leverage Rapid7’s detection, assessment, and response capabilities to service hundreds of end-customers with an eye towards scaling rapidly. We look forward to continually growing this program alongside our partners and their meaningful feedback. Learn more about becoming a partner.