Last updated at Tue, 22 Aug 2023 13:00:01 GMT

The highly respected SC Awards program, hosted by SC Media, recognizes the solutions, organizations, and people driving innovation and success in information security. Now in its 26th year, the SC Awards continue to grow and evolve.

Rapid7 is proud to announce we have received not one, but two prestigious SC Awards this year! InsightVM is the 2023 SC Award recipient for Best Vulnerability Management Solution and InsightIDR received the award in the brand new Best Threat Detection Technology category.

This year, SC’s panel of independent industry leaders, from sectors including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, consulting, and education sorted through a record number of entries. Additionally, SC added several new award categories and several modified categories to the competition.

Why InsightVM was selected

InsightVM is a vulnerability management tool that provides visibility into an organization’s security program, enabling security teams to reduce attack surface and security risk. The tool helps manage and mature vulnerability management programs by identifying vulnerabilities, prioritizing remediation efforts, and tracking progress against key metrics.

SC Media says InsightVM was selected for its ability to support the entire vulnerability management lifecycle and enabling security teams to manage their program more effectively. SC also noted the solution’s integration with Project Sonar for external-facing asset and threat exposure monitoring, as well as its robust tagging system to prioritize critical assets for remediation. Finally, they noted that live dashboards, Remediation Projects, and Goals and SLAs ease collaboration with stakeholders.

InsightVM was designed to provide a shared view and common language needed to collaborate with traditionally siloed teams and drive impactful remediation. As a result, easy collaboration stands out to customers as well.

“We’ve got at least five different teams that have responsibility for their own systems,” said Nick Defoe, Director of Information Security, US Signal. “Using the dashboard interface, we’ve been able to build out the reporting for each individual team. Getting these disparate groups all into one platform where they can see what they need to do for vulnerability management has been critical to our success.”

Why InsightIDR was selected

InsightIDR, Rapid7’s cloud-native XDR and next-gen SIEM, offers unified and transformed security data to detect real attacks and provide high-context insights to stop threats early in the attack chain.

According to SC Media, InsightIDR was selected because it empowers teams to deliver sophisticated detection and response outcomes with greater efficiency and efficacy, wherever they are in their security journey. This tracks with customers, as well.

In a recent Techvalidate survey, 92% of Rapid7 customers reported that InsightIDR creates efficiency and scale, and it offers savings that make it an accessible and robust solution for diverse industries and teams.

"When I put Rapid7 in place my response time went from three to four hours to ten to fifteen minutes,” said Kerry LeBlanc, IT Security Engineer, Bioventus. “I see what it is and how to remediate it. Everything is right there. I can query the endpoint or get information and pull up different things on the user."

SC also noted InsightIDR’s “complete visibility, coverage, superior signal-to-noise, and smarter responses.” InsightIDR provides this complete visibility and coverage with a native endpoint agent, network sensors, collectors and APIs. Lightweight, software-based collection technology and integrations go beyond unifying data to correlate, attribute, and enrich diverse datasets into a single, harmonious picture — unlocking efficiency to give teams time back, ensure that they find real threats faster, and that they can respond quickly and completely.

Rapid7 offers free trials of both InsightVM and InsightIDR.