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Continuous security and compliance for your multi-cloud environment allows you to accelerate innovation without loss of control

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DivvyCloud was designed to provide unified visibility across multi-cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform which is important for enterprise customers. Competitive offerings are often focused solely on AWS.


DivvyCloud has automation capabilities built directly into their platform which makes it accessible and actionable. For security operations to be successful, automation is critical so that teams can drive processes like ticket logging, third party orchestrations, and reconfiguration of cloud services on the fly.


DivvyCloud is flexible and adaptable to meet customer needs. The platform features an open data model, the ability to write filters that can drive policies, and a RESTful API. When you combine these three things you have the ability to scope easily, and the freedom to innovate without loss of control.

Rapid7 Announces Intent to Acquire DivvyCloud

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Why Enterprise Customers Choose DivvyCloud

DivvyCloud has been the most successful security product roll-out in our history.
Director, Cloud Security & Automation, Global Athletic Goods Company
[DivvyCloud’s] Multi-cloud support is key to have, especially in M&A, as there are times when we need to quickly assess an unfamiliar cloud to the same standard as the ones we work with daily.
DivvyCloud gives us the ability to automate governance, offer flexibility, allow better insights and controls, and enhance compliance — all at the same time.
Dave Duvall, EVP & Head of IT, Discovery Inc.

Acquire the freedom to innovate

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