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3 min Application Security

All Red Team, All the Time

In last week's blog [/2015/09/17/push-vs-pull-security] (which you should read now if you have not), I said: > The core problem with security today isn't about technology. It's about misaligned incentives. We are trying to push security onto people, teams, and processes that just don't want it. To be clear, it's not that people don't care. They say they want security, and I believe them. Or more precisely, part of their brain wants security. People who want to break a bad habit [/2015/07/09/c

10 min CISOs

Push vs Pull Security

I woke up from a dream this morning. Maybe you can help me figure out what it means. Your company hired me to build a security program. They had in mind a number of typical things. Build a secure software development lifecycle so app developers didn't code up XSS vulnerabilities. Improve network security with new firewalls, and rolling out IDS sensors. Set up training so people would be less likely to get phished. Implement a compliance program like NIST or ISO. And you wanted all of that rolle

6 min CISOs

CISOs: Do you have enough locks on your doors?

In a previous blog post [/2015/07/09/ciso-in-residence-series-shocked-but-not-surprised], I referenced some research on how people plan for, or rather how they fail to plan for, natural disasters like floods. At the end of the blog post I mentioned that people who have poor mental models about disasters fail to prepare fully. I keep coming back to the idea of mental models because it starts to explain why we have such a gap between security practitioners and senior executives. I asked one CISO

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The Absence of Evidence in Breaches

Try this experiment. Go to your favorite search engine and type this: ”no evidence” security compromise (Other variations are also interesting, including adding words like “breach”) There is something about the phrase “no evidence” that troubles me. You may have noticed the same thing. On a regular basis organizations say that there is no evidence of compromise, and no evidence that attackers gained access to user/customer/employee data. They write these phrases to lessen the blow of what is