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5 min InsightIDR

Visualizing Network Traffic Data to Drive Action

In this blog, we cover the top five multi-groupby queries that can be used to visualize network sensor data with the Insight Network Sensor.

5 min Network Traffic Analysis

Top 5 Ways to Get a Network Traffic Source on Your Network

In this blog, we take a look at the top five ways to get a network traffic source on your network.

5 min Detection and Response

How Rapid7 Customers Are Using Network Traffic Analysis in Detection and Response

In this blog, we discuss how Rapid7 Customers Are Using Network Traffic Analysis in Detection and Response

3 min InsightIDR

The Importance of Network Visibility With a Remote Workforce

As IT and network security staff around the world hurry to roll out more and more VPN and remote access services, it’s important to recognize that security or operational issues can arise.

4 min InsightIDR

3 Common Threats to Look for in Your Network Data

Today, we'll be highlighting three common threats to keep an eye out for in your network data and the best methods of remediation.

5 min InsightIDR

5 Methods For Detecting Ransomware Activity

Recently, ransomware was primarily a consumer problem. However, cybercriminals behind recent ransomware attacks have now shifted their focus to businesses.

1 min

5 Tips for Dealing with Unusual Traffic Detected Notifications

If you get an "unusual traffic detected" notification from Google, here are five ways to troubleshoot the issue. Learn more.

3 min InsightIDR

Top 5 Alternatives For SPAN or Mirror Ports

Don’t want to use SPAN ports, but still need a source of network packets? In this blog post we break down the top 5 alternatives for you to consider.

2 min InsightIDR

Tracking Web Activity by MAC Address

In this blog post we explore the benefit of tracking web activity by MAC address. Learn more.

3 min Incident Detection

Finding Out What Users are Doing on Your Network

One of the most common questions in IT is how to find out what users are doing on a network. We break down the common ways to monitor users on your network.