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2 min Nexpose

MVM Migration to Nexpose - Toolkit

As most, if not all, current Intel Security customers are aware, Intel has announced the End-of-Life of the McAfee Vulnerability Manager, aka. MVM. Coupled with that announcement, Intel also announces it has partnered with Rapid7 and is recommending that current, and future Intel Security customers, leverage Rapid7's Nexpose to fill their vulnerability and threat exposure management needs. To aid in the transition from MVM to Nexpose, Rapid7, has developed a Migration Toolkit. The Toolkit conta

2 min Nexpose

Using Asset Group Scanning to Devise a Granular Scanning Strategy

In the 5.13 release of Nexpose, you will notice some new functionality when configuring a site. In addition to being able to scan addresses or range of addresses, as we have done in the past, you now have the ability to define asset groups that you wish to be scanned. Traditionally, it has been recommended for customers to scan an entire network or range of networks, as opposed to specifying targets individually, This is to ensure proper coverage and to prevent the need to continually reconcile

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For every data breach that makes the headlines, there are tens to hundreds that go unreported by the media, unreported by companies, or even worse, go unnoticed. The rash of negative publicity around organizations that have experienced data breaches would appear to be a sufficient motivator to whip corporate leaders into bolstering their security programs in order to prevent from being the next major headline. If that is not reason enough, the litany of regulations imposed on certain industries