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5 min User Experience

Building Personalized and Exceptional Customer Experiences

Building personalized and exceptional customer experiences At Rapid7, we strive to give you, our customers, a personalized and exceptional experience every time you interact with our organization, our products, and our services. This is what we refer to as the "Customer Experience". In order to clarify what this term means, Don Peppers from the Peppers & Rogers Group defines the Customer Experience as “the totality of a customer's individual interactions with a brand, over time”. We are all cus

2 min Nexpose

UNITED 2016: Want to share your experience?

Key trends. Expert advice. The latest techniques and technology. UNITED 2016 [] is created from the ground up to provide the insight you need to drive your security program forward, faster. This year, we're also hoping you can provide us with the insight we need to make our products and services even better. That's why we're running two UX focus groups on November 1, 2016. We'd love to see you there—after all, your feedback is what keeps our solutions ever-evolvi

4 min User Experience

Security-in-Your-Pocket (SiYP)

The World is Not Flat, It's Mobile At Rapid7, we are always thinking about how we can make your life easier. Now that there are more mobile devices than people in the world1, our thoughts are turning toward mobile, specifically mobile versions of our Information Security applications. While we have no immediate plans, it's certainly an area we are interested in. But that depends on you, our customer. Are mobile versions of our Information Security applications something you would like to see Ra

4 min User Experience

User Experience Research at Rapid7

In a recent blog post, JF Boisvert from Rapid7's User Experience (UX) team spoke about the new and improved User Experience with Nexpose [/2015/10/01/nexpose-60-new-and-improved-user-experience]. JF condensed the changes to Nexpose over the past 5 years. In that time, the product user interface has under gone massive changes. The focus of Nexpose 6.0 is the information security content. Navigation is placed in a secondary role, yet our customers continue to have easy access to global features li

3 min User Experience

Streamlined Nexpose Scan Workflow

While using our products, we want you to have the best possible experience. The Design team at Rapid7 is focusing a lot on UX Research [/2014/12/31/user-experience-research-rapid7] and analyzing all the feedback you have been providing us. As designers, we want to fix everything at once. However, after doing a reality check with product leads, it's clear that we have to take an incremental approach. That way you do not have to wait long for our new releases and updates. The first thing you use N