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3 min Nexpose

AWS power-up: Tag import, asset cleanup, AssumeRole, ad-hoc scan

AWS instances present many challenges to security practitioners, who must manage the spikes and dips of resources in infrastructures that deal in very short-lived assets. Better and more accurate syncing of when instances are spun up or down, altered, or terminated directly impacts the quality of security data. A New Discovery Connection Today we’re excited to announce better integration between the Security Console and Amazon Web Services with the new Amazon Web Services Asset Sync discovery c

1 min InsightVM

Remediation Workflow Now Integrates with ServiceNow

Today we're sharing an update to Remediation Workflow Ticketing capabilities. We are pleased to announce that Remediation Workflow in InsightVM [] now integrates with ServiceNow [].  One of the main benefits of Remediation Workflow Ticketing is to improve collaboration between security and remediation teams by seamlessly feeding existing IT workflows strategically scoped work items. With this most recent update, you can now ext

2 min Authentication

Better Credential Management for Better Vulnerability Results

Often the first time the security team knows that credentials have expired is when their scans start to return dramatically fewer vulnerabilities. We all know getting credentialed access yields the best results for visibility. Yet, maintaining access can be difficult. Asset owners change credentials. Different assets have different frequencies for credential updates. Security teams are often left out of the loop. Between the original scan run time, the time it takes the security team to pinpoi

3 min InsightVM

Live Dashboards for Demonstrating Remediation Progress

Is your security team working on the right things to make your organization safer today? How can you prove it with data? Knowing Versus Doing Knowing your threat exposure is only half the picture. The other half is knowing which actions to take with your vulnerability management solution [] to secure your organization against a shifting landscape of threats while also demonstrating—with data—that these actions were the right thing to do

4 min Microsoft

Simple Vulnerability Remediation Collaboration with InsightVM

Many security groups today use ticketing systems that were originally designed for IT or developers, and are usually ill-suited to their vulnerability management [] needs. Even more commonly, teams simply rely on spreadsheets and unwieldy reports. On the other end of the spectrum, some security teams build a self-service workflow for their remediators and run into lack of user adoption – remediators just are not logging in to the security con

5 min Microsoft

Actionable Vulnerability Remediation Projects in InsightVM

Security practitioners and the remediating teams they collaborate with are increasingly asked to do more with less. They simply cannot remediate everything; it has never been more important to prioritize and drive remediations from start to finish. The Remediation Workflow capability in InsightVM [] was designed to drive more effective remediation efforts by allowing users to project manage efforts both large and small. Remediation Workflow is designed for

4 min Nexpose

New Vulnerability Remediation Display in Nexpose Gets You to a Fix Faster

Background Information As part of the Nexpose [] 6.4.28 release on Wednesday, March 29th, we introduced a new way to view remediation solution data in both the Nexpose Console UI and the Top Remediations Report []. Over the years, we've heard from our customers that the Top Remediations Report is one of the most useful features in our vulnerability management solution [

3 min Nexpose

Dimensional Data Warehouse Export, Part of Nexpose 6.4.6

Can You Be Trusted with the Sword of a Thousand Truths? Does the vision of what you want to accomplish appear to you so clearly that it seems real?  After all, you already have the custom integrations, tools, and workflows set that make the most sense in your world.  They are tailored to your organization's unique needs. They are tuned and ready to go – or at least they would be if only you could just get your data. You know that with this, you'd be unstoppable. You want the Sword of a Thousand