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UNITED Keynote Announcement

We are thrilled to announce that security expert Chris Nickerson will be joining General Stan McChrystal [/2016/05/18/general-mcchrystal-to-speak-at-united] as part of the UNITED speaker lineup! Chris Nickerson, CEO of LARES [], has more than 18 years of experience in the security industry, with specific expertise in real-world attack modeling, red team testing, and adversarial simulation. At Lares, Chris leads a team of security professionals who conduct risk assessmen

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Industry Roundtables are Coming Back to UNITED

If exciting speakers [/2016/05/18/general-mcchrystal-to-speak-at-united], interactive deep-dives [/2016/04/15/coming-to-united-sign-up-for-an-intensive], and lively debates [] aren't enough, here's yet another reason to register for UNITED 2016… This year we've brought back a conference favorite: industry roundtables! Always popular, these breakout discussions offer a chance for peers within an industry to exchange best practices, share challenges, an

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General Stan McChrystal to Speak at UNITED 2016

The UNITED Security Summit will kick off this year with an opening keynote from four-star General Stan McChrystal, a renowned expert on leadership, vision, and teamwork. Anyone familiar with General McChrystal knows what an amazing, unique experience it is to hear him speak. Just check out his TED talk, “Listen, learn…then lead." [] A one-of-a-kind commander and bestselling author, General McChrystal is widely praised for creating a revol

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Coming to UNITED? Sign up for an Intensive!

UNITED 2016 will feature several pre-conference activities. So if you can't spend a full day in one of our training sessions, consider an intensive instead. Just what are these “intensives” you speak of? Intensive sessions are 3 hours long, highly interactive, and come at no additional cost to your UNITED registration. They provide a chance to learn from top security experts as they dig into a specific topic. Class size is capped at a small number, to maximize time with the instructor, and you'

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Have you been wondering about the theme for UNITED 2016? Well, for those of you who've been on the edge of your seats (and didn't pick up on it from the title of this blog post), the theme of this year's conference is EMPOWERED. Cue thunderous applause! You should probably be as excited as this guy: In all seriousness, while conference themes may not exactly have you waiting with bated breath, at Rapid7 we've put a lot of thought into how attendees can get the most out of UNITED. Our goal is

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It's not too early to start thinking about UNITED!

Our customer conference, UNITED, will be jam-packed with trainings, keynotes, networking events, and breakout sessions designed to help security professionals be more confident in their daily jobs. Registration is open []! Sign up by March 31 and you'll qualify for the early bird special. Not sure whether UNITED is for you? Don't take our word for it – here's what some of our customers have to say: UNITED 2016 will take place in Boston and run October 31 to Novembe

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UserInsight's impact: 2 customer stories

What do a university and a financial automation software company have in common? In this case, UserInsight. At first look, the University of Texas at Dallas and BlackLine are two very different organizations. BlackLine provides real-time automation to accounting and finance teams; UT Dallas is a large public research university. However, both stood to benefit from being able to detect and investigate security incidents faster. As Russ Swift, the information security manager at BlackLine, say

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Security in Energy & Utilities

Energy and utilities (E&U) companies must comply with standards such as NERC, protect their SCADA systems against compromise, and cope with the expansion of the smart grid as home energy systems become increasingly connected to the Internet of Things. So how do these factors impact the daily life of a CISO working in the E&U sector? In the enclosed video, you'll hear firsthand about some of the key security considerations – which include wanting to know what users are doing – as well as about h

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Redner's Markets Leverages UserInsight for Incident Detection

“If someone breaks into your network, and they know that your policy locks out a user who makes three unsuccessful login attempts, then they can circumvent that by trying to log in twice across 200 machines. You need to ask yourself, would I catch that? Without UserInsight, the answer is no.” So says Nick Hidalgo, the Director of IT at supermarket chain Redner's Markets. Nick and his team have successfully sped up incident investigations by taking advantage of various features in UserInsight, i

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Rapid7 Given Vulnerability Management Market Penetration Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan

This week, we proudly announced that Frost & Sullivan has presented Rapid7 with the Global Vulnerability Management Market Penetration Leadership award. So what does that mean, exactly? In a nutshell: We're growing really fast. Faster than anyone else in this space, in fact. “Rapid7 is renowned for its reputation in vulnerability management, which is an integral part of any security program,” said Chris Kissel, Frost & Sullivan industry analyst, in the report.  “Because Rapid7 has made signif

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Rapid7: Coming to a city near you

We're taking this show on the road. Literally. This week our multi-city Rapid7 roadshow event, “Security at the Crossroads,” kicked off in New York and Minneapolis. Industry experts and fellow practitioners – including speakers from Forrester, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Porter Airlines, and TriNet – gathered to share security stories, strategies, and best practices. There isn't enough room to share all the takeaways from these two events, but here are

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#pwnSAP Tweet Chat Debrief

On December 3, Rapid7 security researcher Juan Vazquez hosted a panel of experts [/2013/11/25/pwnsap-join-us-for-a-tweet-chat-on-dec-3] for a tweet chat to discuss SAP system hacking. The #pwnSAP chat was a great discussion – here are some highlights. Juan's first question was, “Can you start by telling us a bit about how SAP system hacking has changed lately?” @todb called this research paper, SAP Penetration Testing Using Metasploit – How to Protect Sensitive ERP Data [http://information.rap

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#pwnSAP: Join Us for a Tweet Chat on Dec. 3

As Christian Kirsch wrote earlier this month [/2013/11/11/learn-to-pentest-sap-with-metasploit-as-erp-attacks-go-mainstream], SAP system hacking has gone mainstream. This isn't surprising, considering ERP systems are treasure troves of financial, customer, employee and production data – but how do you secure them against attackers? On December 3rd at 12pm ET Rapid7 security researcher Juan Vazquez will host a panel of experts for a tweet chat to discuss trends in SAP system hacking and how to

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Rapid7 in the SC Awards

It's that time of year again: After months of nail-biting across the security industry, SC Magazine has announced the finalists for its 2013 Reader Trust Awards []. Not only is Rapid7 Nexpose once again in the running for Best Vulnerability Management Solution, but our two newest offerings [] are also first-time contenders: Rapi