Last updated at Thu, 11 Jan 2024 21:39:17 GMT

When I wrote up the Metasploit Hits 1000 Exploits post back in December, I had to perform a little open source forensic work to get something resembling an accurate history of the Metasploit project -- after all, it's difficult for me to remember a time on the Internet without Metasploit. I traced the first mention of 1.0 back to this mailing list post in 2003. You know what that means, right? This year marks the 10th year of the Metasploit Framework!

One of the ways we're marking this anniversary is with something very much in keeping with our history. You may remember our T-shirt design contest back in 2011, won by Danny Chrastil and his elegant hexified Metasploit logo (with a cowsay back), and our Metasploit tattoo design competition. We had such a good experience with these contests that we're commemorating this auspicious anniversary with a new Metasploit laptop decal design contest... starting today!

The winning design will be selected on Friday, May 31, 2013.

You can enter by posting your design to this 99Designs project and tweeting a link to your design with the hashtag #metasploitdecal.

Once all designs are in, we'll select the finalists and ask the Metasploit Community to select the final winner.

Like last time, the winner will have the satisfaction of having their design plastered on hacker's gear (yes, we're doing laptop decals!). In addition, the triumphant designer will win a grand payout on 99Designs for permission to use the work.

So, think about what you want to see on your laptop, public or private property that you have gain prior, written authorization to tag, and maybe even tattooed on some Rapid7 employee's person, and tweet your designs!

Happy Birthday Metasploit!