Last updated at Mon, 24 Jul 2017 15:32:46 GMT

The ControlsInsight product provides a Manage tab in its UI that allows users to filter assets by site.  Sites viewed in this Manage tab are taken directly from the names of the sites as it exists in Nexpose.  This feature allows users to segregate the data assessed and displayed in ControlsInsight.


Assessment is  the process by which ControlsInsight analyses asset data to determine your threat posture.  Assessments can only happen after a scan is complete.  This means that if you want assessment to run against a certain asset make sure the site this asset is in is selected.

Logging in for the first time.

Upon logging in for the first time if you have sites that exits in Nexpose the ControlsInsight product will present you the option to either import all site data or select the sites whose data you wish to see.  If you have no sites in Nexpose you will not see this pop-up in ControlsInsight.  Not all assets in Nexpose will necessarily show up in the ControlsInsight product. currently, (as of September 2013) only Windows  desktop assets that have a found certainty of 1.0 (meaning Nexpose is 100% sure of the type of asset) will be shown.

Automatic addition of sites

Sites that are created in Nexpose are automatically added to the ControlsInsight product. However, if all sites are not selected then newly created sites will be added as de-selected in the ControlsInsight product.  Only if all sites are already selected will the newly created sites show up as selected.

De-selecting a site in ControlsInsight

If a site is de-selected in ControlsInsight all assets exclusive to this site will no longer show up in the UI.  By exclusive we mean assets that are in one site and one site only.  If an asset happens to be in more than one site, then that asset will show up if only one site that contains this asset is selected.  Also, ControlsInsight will only run assessments against sites that are selected. So if you de-select a site and run a scan the asset data for that site will not be assessed, however assets related to that site will still show up if the site is re-selected.