Last updated at Mon, 24 Jul 2017 14:32:12 GMT

When it comes to information security, one of the major problems is setting up your PenTest Tools Arsenal. The truth is, there are too many tools out there and it would take forever to try half of them to see if one fits your needs. Over the years, there have been some well established tools released that most of security professionals use currently, but that doesn't mean that are not unknown yet still very good pentesting tools that are not as popular.

I wanted to make a list of the pentest tools but I've found that there are plenty of places to find and explore such tools. The easiest search is to look at the lists on SecTools or GitHub and there are quite a few more options to find them.

With over 2.6 million Security Professionals world wide, the landscape of penetration tools has exploded lately and choosing your arsenal become difficult. Not because you don't have what is needed, but because we always tend to ask ourselves if what we have is enough, or if we're missing something

For that reason, I want to contribute to the infosec community and create a bigger picture regarding the common arsenals and so I'm launching a survey where I invite infosec practicioners to share their tools arsenal and express their opinion about trending new tools.

The survey goal is to get a better picture of the landscape of penetration tools used by security professionals and help new testers to make good choices when setup their toolbox. The survey will last for a month and after that I'll publish the results as an infographic.

Copyright: Creative Commons Licence. This gives you the opportunity to use the results as you want.

You can access the survey HERE

P.S. I would much appreciate if you share the survey with other Security Professionals through Security News Portals, Blogs, Forums, Social Networks and so on. Thank You!