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HacmeBank & HacmeCasino in the Cloud | Free Windows Security Trainings

After Metasploitable in the Cloud [/2014/04/02/metasploitable-in-the-cloud] and bWAPP [], CTF365 has increase both, the number of "vulnerable by design" servers and operating systems by adding HacmeBank and HacmeCasino as vulnerable web applications courtesy to McAfee through Fundstone. The machines runs on Windows Server 2008 and WindowXP thanks to Microsoft through their Bizspark Startup Program [] and they are acces

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Metasploitable in the Cloud

This guest blog comes to us from Marius Corici from CTF365 []. When asked to describe himself he gave me the following: "I enjoy being an entrepreneur and discovering new solutions for old problems. Motto: Think a lot to do less and preserve energy to provide simplicity." There is no doubt that the best way to learn Information Security is hands-on and to make this easier, the guys from Rapid7 and Metasploit created Metasploitable [

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Your PenTest Tools Arsenal

When it comes to information security, one of the major problems is setting up your PenTest Tools Arsenal. The truth is, there are too many tools out there and it would take forever to try half of them to see if one fits your needs. Over the years, there have been some well established tools released that most of security professionals use currently, but that doesn't mean that are not unknown yet still very good pentesting tools that are not as popular. I wanted to make a list of the pentest to

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CTF365: A New Capture The Flag Platform for Ongoing Competitions

By Guest Blogger Marius Corîci, Before I start, I would like to thank the Metasploit team at Rapid7, and the Kali Linux team at Offensive-Security for their kindnesses to let us use their logos on our platform. I'd especially like to thank hdmoore and ckirsch at Rapid7 as well as Mati Aharoni at Offensive Security. This means a lot to us. Note: If this article is TL;DR, then I recommend you just go to [] create an account, create a team and start p