Last updated at Thu, 07 Dec 2023 20:17:31 GMT

Hey Hacker-Designers!

Remember about this time last year, we kicked off the Metasploit T-Shirt design contest to commemorate our shipping of 1,000 exploits and Metasploit's 10th Anniversary? Turns out, we had so many good designs and so much fun with that that we're doing it again this year. So let's see, what reason can we contrive this year...

We have 1,294 exploits now, that's 0x50e. There are 2196 exploits, auxiliary modules, and post-exploit modules today, or 04224 in octal. That's kind of fun, but no. We've had 24,276 commits since we started counting in 2005. That comes to 101111011010100 in binary. Eh.

How about this: We've had 72 distinct contributors to Metasploit since Jan 1, 2014. 72 is numerologically significant, right? Wikipedia has loads of interesting facts about 72. Let's go with that!

Metasploit 2014: As many authors as the average number of heartbeats per minute for a resting adult!

Okay. Maybe we don't need a reason after all. Heck, this sounds like my regular job -- convince strangers on the Internet to contribute to Metasploit in whatever weird and wonderful way they can.

Get creative with it, and let's get something together that you'd want see about 2,000 people wear around the Nevada desert in early August or so. The winner of the design will receive not only fame but a tiny bit of fortune: US$230, to be exact. We'll be accepting entries until May 8th, so get going!

Take a look at the contest page for details and to check out the competition. Unless, of course, you're totally confused about what Metasploit is, in which case, you should check out Metasploit Pro here.