Last updated at Mon, 28 Oct 2019 16:52:01 GMT

As UserInsight grows and we look to add value to more incident response teams that have already chosen the solution that serves as their "single pane of glass", this series will update you on the integrations we build to share valuable context with those solutions.

The Solution

While FireEye and Mandiant were separately disrupting the security industry, they obtained a great deal of threat intelligence and indicators of compromise along the way. The FireEye Threat Analytics Platform (TAP for short, but I promise not to use any "tap" puns here) is the solution that enables incident response teams to feed their organizations' events in and take advantage of that combined intelligence and extensive library of indicators to identify threats and accelerate response, two things about which the UserInsight team cares a great deal.

The Integration

The first version of the integration was released at the beginning of August to rave reviews and a great deal of tweets during Black Hat USA. In this integration, you can configure a Data Exporter on the UserInsight collector to send IP-to-user mapping to TAP. If your immediate response is "that's all?", I will forgive you, but the fact is this context is the very basis necessary to add user context to investigations. If you are sick of receiving alerts from various security solutions that tell you that " just violated policy 'never blindly open EXEs'" or " just uploaded the source code repository to" and having to scramble to figure out who was on the IP address and whether there could be a legitimate reason, you will be be pleased to know that with UserInsight, your FireEye TAP alerts will include the user.

The Video

As with any good partnership, there is a lot more to come, but I suggest you check out the value of this current integration for yourself by clicking this 3-minute video link:

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