Last updated at Wed, 29 Nov 2017 20:28:27 GMT

If you’ve never seen a hacker in action, it might look a little something like this (according to stock photos):

Cool hues with a vignette that captures a dark figure in a black hoodie, hunched over a laptop with a magnifying glass, and a digital rain backdrop to accent the mood.

Does this sound like you after a night of intense keyboard clacking? As your neighborhood defenders, we can appreciate a good hacker photo when we see one. Which is why we’re offering a chance for you to get your very own, personalized hacker photo taken this Saturday at BSides Boston.

Need a new profile photo for LinkedIn to show off your hacker side? Want a more realistic hacker pic so your fellow hackers will recognize you? Looking to display a creative streak with a new hacker prop, say a malware or virus sign superimposed in front of you?

Then stop by our table to get your best picture taken — we’ll even give you an actual printed photo on the spot! And while you’re there, you can snag some Komand swag (t-shirt, webcam cover, the usual), see our security orchestration and automation platform in action (rumor has it, we have a sweet product), and even enter for a chance to win a “This Is Fine” Dog plush (fire or overwhelming situation not included).

To get you ready for a new hacker glamour shot, we’ve got some inspiration from actual hackers. Here are some of our faves:

1. Hello yes, this is hacker

2. Hacker power pose

3. The hacker uniform

4. I'm in

5. Eye of hacker

Komand will be exhibiting at BSides Boston on Saturday, April 15th 2017 from 9a-5p. Come say hello to the team! You can stop by at any time to get your photo taken, to see a demo of the product, or to get Komand swag. The BSides Boston 2017 venue is located at the Harvard University Science Center. For more information, check out the BSides Boston website.