Last updated at Fri, 22 Dec 2023 19:43:11 GMT

It’s not the coming of the apocalypse. It’s not the end of the security profession. And it’s certainly not a bad thing. We’re talking about the rise of automation. As security threats become a bigger part of the day-to-day concerns at all types of organizations, bringing in machines has become necessary to keep up. In fact, security automation can help you become even more valuable as an employee. Being at the heart of the security orchestration and automation space, here are the top reasons why you should embrace—not fear—automation.

Automation Elevates Your Focus and Value

Even small businesses today are getting buried by alerts regarding potential security issues. Attackers themselves are using automation, meaning it’s easier than ever before to launch mass attacks like phishing. The reason is simple: the more attacks they can launch at once, the higher chances they will have at getting in and accomplishing their mission — whether that to be exploit data or earn a ransom.

So, to fight automated attacks, you need to automate security. By automating tasks like alert validation, escalation notifications, data enrichment, or malware containment, you and your team can elevate their focus to more impactful work like threat hunting,  event correlation, and incident remediation. These are arguably the more interesting projects to work on, so this should be good news for you.

Automation Decreases Your Mean Time to Response (MTTR)

Security Automation is really good at aiding in the incident response process. With automated tools in charge of instantly catching, categorizing, and escalating alerts for you, your team can bypass the noise of false positives and measurably decrease MTTR.

Automation Enables You To Respond More Accurately

While humans are great at analyzing data and making sense of complex issues, there is only so much data we can process at any given time. This is something else automation does quite well. By automating routine threat verification and investigation tasks, your automation tools can deliver the data you need almost instantaneously. Armed with every piece of information you need to form an accurate response, you can be sure no stone will be left unturned and your response will be appropriate for the threat.

Automation Complements The Work You’re Already Doing

Perhaps the best news of all is that automation can be a perfect complement to the work you and your team is already doing. As we outlined before,  security automation can handle the detection, analysis, and containment pieces of the incident response framework, while you focus on preparation and response.

If you’re using a security orchestration and automation solution like InsightConnect that let’s you add human intervention within the process,  this hand-off from task to task can be seamless. With tedious and repetitive tasks handled, you can accelerate your security processes and continue focusing on the most important work at hand — all the time.

Humans + Machines: A Match Made in Security

Automation has made a positive impact in roles ranging from marketing to sales to engineering, and today, security is well positioned to benefit from it, too. To help you and your team do your jobs better and faster, security automation can complement existing processes and solve for many of the challenges you're facing today.

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