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Why Our Future in InfoSec Depends on Automation

In this blog, we discuss why our future in Information Security depends on automation.

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How SMBs Can Decrease Vulnerabilities and Incident Response Time with Automation

In this blog, we discuss how Security Automation can free up time and resources for people to do more valuable, creative work.

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How to Turn Remediation into Reality with Automation

When vulnerability management responsibilities are distributed across teams, it results in silos, differing terminology, and a lack of common visibility.

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Why Security Teams Should Embrace (Not Fear) Automation

It’s not the coming of the apocalypse. It’s not the end of the security profession. And it’s certainly not a bad thing. We’re talking about the rise of automation. As security threats become a bigger part of the day-to-day concerns at all types of organizations, bringing in machines has become necessary to keep up. In fact, security automation can help you become even more valuable as an employee. Being at the heart of the security orchestration and automation [

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What is Security Automation?

Security has always been a numbers game. Time to detection and time to response have been metrics security teams have sought to reduce since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of computers…). But what does it take to actually reduce that number? If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re no stranger to the challenges in the world of security today. Between the security talent gap [/2016/08/30/5-reasons-companies-are-losing-security-talent-and-what-to-do/] and the rapid prolifer

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Why Adding Automation to Security Workflows Is Difficult, and Where to Start

Threats move fast, but security defenders need to move faster. Security automation [] offers a way to achieve speed, but it’s not always an option for teams. Without dedicated security engineering resources (namely those with programming skills), developing automated security workflows can be an impossibility. And while many companies do have in-house programming talent, gaining access to them typically takes too long. Even if you do get a