Last updated at Mon, 15 Oct 2018 20:36:07 GMT

Today, Rapid7 announced the acquisition of tCell, a leading provider of web application threat defense and monitoring. We are so excited to have tCell join the Rapid7 family!

Organizations in nearly every industry are developing and deploying web applications at a rapid pace, vastly increasing their attack surface. At the same time, web applications are one of the primary threat vectors favored by attackers. Rapid7 is already helping our customers assess the potential risk of web applications with our InsightAppSec offering. tCell, on the other hand, is focused on monitoring and protecting web applications that are deployed in production in real time.

Together, we have a shared view of what’s important in an application security solution and a mutual desire to deliver our customers end-to-end visibility into application risk—from dynamic application security testing to real-time monitoring and protection of your web applications deployed in production.

Working with the tCell team, we've filled dozens of whiteboards and shared countless cups of coffee and not a small number of stronger drinks. We've been blown away by the team's tech, passion, and understanding of the customer problem.

You can read the formal announcement here, but I’d also like to direct you to a blog post from Michael Feiertag, chief executive officer at tCell, for a deeper understanding of tCell’s story and how we’ll work together to expand our application security capabilities and help deliver a more comprehensive application security solution to our customers.