Last updated at Fri, 09 Feb 2024 14:35:30 GMT

In the week after our CTF, we hope the players had a good time and got back to their loved ones, jobs, lives, studies, and most importantly, back to their beds (and you can find out who the winners were here!). For the Metasploit team, we went back to baking up fresh, hot modules and improvements that remind us in this flu season to not just wash your hands, but also, sanitize your inputs!

SOHOwabout a Shell?

Several D-Link routers have firmware that fail to properly sanitize requests and are a little too efficient in the hand-off of search requests to system() calls. This allows an attacker to execute arbitrary commands on them and wget() themself a shell! Thanks to s1kr10s for this module!

Local access through the VPN?

Our prolific contributor bcoles sent in a module targeting vulnerable versions of Windscribe VPN which use a named pipe that is eager to please. The service allows a user to ask it to run programs, but it does not verify those programs are trusted or expected. Instead, the service simply starts whatever program the user requested as system. Again, we can’t stress this enough: please sanitize your hands and any data you take in!


wvu-r7 doubled down on his awesome DOUBLEPULSAR work, and now, metasploit supports connections to both the SMB and RDP variants of DOUBLEPULSAR. With the same features as before, but now on 3389! You can read more about DOUBLEPULSAR over RDP here and here.

New modules (4)

Enhancements and features

It may sound strange, but we had a lot of excitement around documentation this time around! adamgalway-r7 cleaned up our contributor guide located here, jkollross added documentation for auxiliary/scanner/http/apache_userdir_enum, and our benevolent doctator h00die has added a documentation equivalent to msftidy called msftidy_docs. The additional documentation msftidy:

  1. Checks to make sure the doc has a corresponding rb/py/go module
  2. Checks ## Vulnerable Application is the first line
  3. Checks to make sure Vulnerable Application, Verification Steps, Scenarios, Options are all present
  4. Checks if Description or Intro/Introduction are present and recommends moving them under Vulnerable Application
  5. Checks newline at end of file
  6. Checks the H2s mentioned in 3 are in the right order (@tperry-r7 should it be OK to be missing a section, or all all required? Right now i have all required)
  7. Checks for spaces EOL (when not in ``` or 4x[:space:])
  8. Checks that there are no H1s
  9. Checks line length and suggests cutting it at 140 (arbitrary number I picked, up for debate)

Also, our search command got a lot more friendly thanks to Auxilus, who changed the output from an empty search to the search help menu!

Get it

As always, you can update to the latest Metasploit Framework with msfupdate
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