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Many businesses rely on web applications for their success. Because of this, web applications are also perfect targets for attackers. This is why web apps and software vulnerabilities have become the top two ways external attackers are able to gain access to company networks. For these reasons and more, having a complete application security solution that spans infrastructure, compute instances, containers, and the web application itself is vital for organizations.

Recently, Rapid7 was the only full stack vulnerability risk management vendor to be recognized for Application Security Testing by an industry-leading third-party research firm. Rapid7 has always led the way in the application security testing space in dynamic application security testing (DAST). However, when it comes to appsec, Rapid7 goes beyond its best-in-breed DAST technology with a portfolio of application security solutions to secure your web apps at every layer.

A holistic approach to application security

As teams and technologies evolve, Rapid7 recognizes the importance of extending security’s influence throughout every phase of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and to key stakeholders in Development and DevOps. With the Rapid7 Insight cloud, you get full stack application security coverage from the identification of vulnerabilities in your third-party repositories, to scanning and testing, to monitoring and protecting your application against breaches in real time. In addition to the Insight cloud solutions, we also provide professional services and leverage the findings from our global Metasploit Community and threat research to provide actionable insights for reducing risk.

Rapid7’s full-stack application security portfolio includes:

Highest-rated DAST for three years running

Rapid7 continues to lead the way when it comes to DAST, once again scoring the highest score of all vendors evaluated in a recent study. The reasoning behind this high score as part of the 2020 report includes the continued enhancements to authentication support, additional support for multiple application frameworks, the ability to test single page applications (SPAs) which are increasingly commonplace, and key integrations with Atlassian Jira and CI/CD tools to work seamlessly with key stakeholders like development teams.

Additionally, InsightAppSec is easy to get up and running, and enables you to share information across different teams and stakeholders. One of our users highlights in Gartner Peer Insights the value they get out of using InsightAppSec:

InsightAppSec is a great tool that empowers the developers and software testers to test for security concerns related to new apps and helps gaps risk related to application launches. It is deployed on-premises and checks for web page compliance to various regulations. It has great turnaround time for vulnerability check and its integration with Atlassian JIRA helps developers analyse the test results. It helps managers [see] application security risks more efficiently.”

Partnership for success

Application security isn’t the responsibility of one team. In fact, in order to successfully implement an application security program, you must work closely with other key stakeholders such as your development and DevOps teams. Between our recent partnership with Snyk as well as our product integrations, Rapid7 focuses on making it easy to partner with key stakeholders, including remediators. But you don’t just need to take our word for it—check out what one of our customers wrote about us in this Gartner Peer Insights Review from the healthcare industry:

“Rapid7 helps with DevOps integrations and provides developers the information they need to find bugs in their application, and re-run their patch code on multiple instances.”

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