Last updated at Tue, 28 Nov 2023 17:34:34 GMT

We’re proud to announce that Rapid7’s InsightVM solution was recently reviewed by SC Magazine and received a five-star report. As part of an independent review, they analyzed InsightVM in these six areas:

Highlights of the review

Overall strengths

InsightVM was recognized for its strength in threat intelligence. InsightVM provides unparalleled visibility necessary to detect, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities. According to SC Magazine, the entire platform is easy to use and navigate, and ample documentation is provided.

Visibility features

SC Magazine was impressed with InsightVM’s scan engines, agents, and integrations that are able to analyze asset data and assess vulnerabilities in a way no other solution on the market does. Vulnerabilities can be analyzed according to particular policies, compliance standards, and configurations, offering visibility and support for risk assessment, prioritization, and remediation.

Installation ease

SC Magazine reported the ease of installation due in large part to clear instructions and an intuitive onboarding process. They also found that creating scan jobs were quite intuitive, and with the ability to choose from a variety of scan template options, the scan process can be simplified even further.


SC Magazine found the InsightVM dashboard was intuitive, clean, and modern, making it easy to read and garner value from. Offering a pre-built and widget-based customizable dashboard, teams can create a view that will provide them the most visibility and ability to take action.

Risk scoring

A critical component of vulnerability management, Rapid7 leverages a machine-learning-based Active Risk Score, offering a wider range of risk for better vulnerability delineation. InsightVM also assigns a critical tag to issues that necessitate immediate attention so that serious issues are elevated and can be quickly addressed, not mixed in with false-positive alerts or lower priority issues.

Automation-assisted patching

SC Magazine was impressed with InsightVM’s automation-assisted patching capabilities, which drastically reduce the time it takes to implement a patch while still allowing for human decision-making prior to deployment. Once Rapid7 identifies the problem, it integrates with third-party patching tools like BigFix and SCCM to build and implement patches. From there, administrators can choose to deploy the patches automatically or manually, meaning human decision points can be intelligently baked into the process.


SC Magazine also highlighted InsightVM’s reporting capabilities. Described as clean, organized, and intuitive (a word that permeated this entire review), they could quickly and easily see different views and share specific reports with appropriate teams.
To see the full review, click here. Thank you to SC Magazine for a glowing review of InsightVM!

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