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In our modern threat landscape, many organizations face challenges that remain difficult to decipher, let alone resolve. In a fast-paced environment where a lot is still unknown, companies need security solutions that boost visibility and empower IT professionals to act confidently and decisively. That’s where modern Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) comes in.

Traditional SIEMs drew criticism. Customers’ chief complaints centered around deployment—how long it took the average user to get up and running. Rapid7’s SIEM solution, InsightIDR, helps security teams see a return on investment faster. InsightIDR combines SaaS delivery with cloud infrastructure that scales as you grow, so it’s nimble enough to continue evolving with your organization.

Pain point #1: Setting up workarounds in older SIEMs leads to extended deployment times.

Solution: InsightIDR is built to deploy, so you see value faster.

However efficiently managed your security team is, implementing new systems can be a painful—not to mention financially burdensome—undertaking. Configuration challenges accompanying older SIEM solutions led to months-long deployment schedules, stressed-out IT professionals, and security headaches. Even if you understand the ROI will be worth it in the long run, the initial training and setup investments are enough to give even seasoned professionals pause.

If finding and deploying the right SIEM were as easy as reading a manual and pressing “launch,” everyone would do it without hesitation. But ultimately, the motivation for many to update security controls and partnerships comes from the same place as the motivation to see through proper implementation. Unlike other SIEM solutions, InsightIDR is ready out of the box, so it doesn’t require endless installs or refreshes—and it deploys in virtually no time.

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Pain point #2: SIEM configuration results in silos and diminished visibility.

Solution: Collective data source monitoring creates normalized data insights, improving response times.

Attempting to manage disparate data sources amounts to a significant time-suck for security and IT professionals (not to mention needless mental strain). Traditional SIEM products require manual configuration, which can mean toggling between interfaces in order to ingest data from multiple workflows and translate them into meaningful insights.

InsightIDR brings together previously disparate data sources for a more cohesive, less resource-intensive monitoring experience. Data is collected, normalized, and enriched, resulting in more comprehensive visibility and insights so you can respond in a timely manner. This, together with correlated investigation timelines, maximize threat detection accuracy while minimizing security response times. Users report the ability to respond to incidents in one-third of the time, compared to customers’ previous SIEMs.

Pain point #3: SIEM hardware requires manual upgrading and storage updates.

Solution: Cloud-native SIEM operates on a SaaS model, which delivers updates automatically.

Older SIEM products were hampered by hardware limitations. Many companies sunk valuable time and resources into staying current on renewal costs, all to keep users treading water at maintenance level. But with the shift toward cloud storage and architecture, no one should have to worry about maintaining hardware investments.

The next generation of SIEM solutions is native to the cloud, so your data—from remote endpoints and networks to logs—is ingested, unified, stored, and analyzed in one centralized place. Today’s cloud-native SIEMs update automatically, generating 27% fewer false positives according to converted customers. This helps free up security talent so they can refocus their energies toward the demanding and complex tasks that matter most.

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Does InsightIDR sound right for your company? Make a long-term investment in your security posture that your organization—IT, cybersecurity teams and beyond—will appreciate for years to come.